‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Share Predictions for New Host


ABC Tyra Banks on "Dancing With the Stars"

ABC’sDancing With the Stars” wrapped season 30 in late 2021, and season 31 is expected to premiere at some point in the fall of 2022. With some behind-the-scenes changes already being made, some fans are predicting who they think will be the host in season 31.

Tyra Banks took over as host of the show ahead of season 29, replacing long-time host Tom Bergeron and co-host Erin Andrews, and she has earned mixed responses from fans throughout her two seasons on the show.

In March 2022, it was announced that Andrew Llinares, the executive producer in charge of making that decision, was fired by ABC and would no longer be working on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Since then, fans have been making predictions about who they think could take over as host in the ballroom for the upcoming season.

Some Think a ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Alum Will Take Over

In a Reddit thread, one fan listed who they think could take over, including Tom Bergeron, Alfonso Ribeiro, Leah Remini, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Amanda Kloots, and Jeannie Mai.

“If I were to bet on [who] I think will replace Tyra I honestly predict we may end up with Tom and Kaitlyn or if Tom doesn’t come back Alfonso and Kaitlyn,” the post reads. “I feel production will try their hardest to get Tom back and may offer him more money and a say in creative decisions with the show. I could see Alfonso being their Plan B if Tom doesn’t have a price and doesn’t want to return even with Andrew gone.”

When it comes to Bergeron, however, he has made it clear he will not be returning to “Dancing with the Stars” in the future, and when he heard about Llinares’s exit from the show, he tweeted, “Karma’s a b****.”

“Kaitlyn and unpopular opinion, Amanda don’t have enough experience,” one person wrote. “Co-hosting the talk for a year and hosting DWTS is very different. I think Alfonso will will stick with AFV. I think Tom is done, even with Andrew gone, but that’d be the best case. The Real is ending so Jeannie is legit perfect and probably not expensive so you can have a co-host. I feel like Jeannie + Mario Lopez type is the best combo.”

Bristowe is the winner of season 29 of “Dancing With the Stars,” and she has said she thinks she’d be a “great” host of the show.

People are split on Ribeiro, as some think he’d be great at hosting, while others disagree.

“I hope they’re not going after Alfonso for the gig,” one person replied. “I’m sure he’s pounding on the door hoping they’ll give it to him. But I don’t think I could take his pretentiousness all season long as host. I’d almost rather keep Tyra than replace her with Alfonso.”

Fans Say Hosting Live TV a ‘Skill’

Some fans pointed out that the person who takes over as host of the show will have to be someone who is well-versed in live TV.

“Don’t overlook the fact that this is live TV,” one person replied. “The host has to keep the show moving in the face of disasters and emotional outbursts and technical difficulties. This is a rare skill, mastered only by a few (Bergeron, Ryan Seacrest and Cat Deely). You can’t just throw a person on TV with an earpiece and try to talk them through like they are landing a plane.”

Some people said that they would “love” to see Jordan Fischer, a former champion, host the show as well. One person said they’d like it if he were paired with Mel C., a season 30 contestant.

“Idk why something about that dynamic gives me Tom and Samantha vibes where Jordan will keep the show flowing without interruption, and Mel C seems like Sam where she’d ask questions that are appropriate and engaging,” they wrote.

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it does get renewed, the show will return sometime in mid-September 2022.

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Sylvia Jucha
Sylvia Jucha
2 months ago

I would love to see John Michael Higgins from the game show America Says. He’s a comedic actor. Very awesome host!

Dick Bobnick
Dick Bobnick
2 months ago

The ideal host would be the first winner of the first DWTS show, John O’Herlihy. He’s glib, he’s good looking , he’s a great emcee and knows the game. He was Mr. Peterman on the Seinfeld show .

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