DWTS Cast Member Blasts Production


A “Dancing With the Stars” cast member has some shade to throw production’s way about how she was treated on the show. Read on to find out what Olympic gymnast Suni Lee revealed on a podcast about the week she was quite sick and performed on the show anyway.

Suni Said A Producer ‘Forced’ Her Back Onstage

SUNI LEE announces her OLYMPIC COMEBACK FT. Sara Hubbard /Podcast EP.10Suni Lee and Sara Hubbard join us on the Them podcast to talk about everything y'all want to know!! —-Social Media Handles—- Insta- – @dreewoah – @mikeymccartyjr TikTok- -@dreewoah -@itsmikeyjr Snap- -@Dandrehartwell -@Mike_McCarty132022-04-12T17:00:09Z

In an interview with the podcast “Them,” Lee talked about her time on “Dancing With the Stars” — something she does not exactly have glowing reviews about.

Note: The video of the interview has since been edited to remove some of the segment where Suni talked about her time on “Dancing With the Stars,” but Heavy watched it before it was edited.

When asked about “Dancing With the Stars,” the first word out of Suni’s mouth is “ew,” which she then giggles about.

She then said, “That was such an experience. It was just so weird.”

She went on to talk about how she was basically “forced” to keep performing on the night when she was really sick. If you’ll recall, during week seven, which featured the music of the band Queen, Suni and her partner Sasha Farber performed their solo paso doble to “We Will Rock You,” but the gymnast was so sick that she had to run off the stage at the end before the judges’ comments even started.

At the time, host Tyra Banks explained to the audience and viewers that Suni was sick and basically told them that Suni had to “run to the bathroom,” which fans thought was a bit of an over-share.

But Suni later came back to perform for the group number, which was a Viennese waltz with fellow pairs Amanda Kloots and Alan Bersten, and Melora Hardin and Artem Chigvintsev. On the podcast, she revealed that production basically “forced” her to come back out and keep performing.

A person who tweeted out the video (which has since been deleted), wrote on Twitter (via Reddit), “I’m really sorry you went through this, Suni :( [Not gonna lie] I’m pretty disappointed with the hosts’ reaction, making it seem like her being forced to power through is a good thing.”

The tweet is in reference to the hosts of the podcast making it sound like Suni being forced to power through her illness was a positive thing.

Suni also said she threw up “like 30 times” that night on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Suni Also Said She Just ‘Didn’t Get Into’ The Show ‘That Much’

In the part of the interview that is still in the podcast video, Suni also revealed that she “basically [learned how to dance] from scratch” because in gymnastics, floor routines aren’t really dancing.

“[‘Dancing With the Stars’ is] the most dance I’ve ever done,” said Suni, adding, “It was actually really like [serious] — I would have to train like three hours a day.”

She added, “But like, I don’t know, I didn’t really get into it that much.”

Suni is currently competing for Auburn University on the women’s gymnastics team, but she revealed on the podcast that she will probably drop out of Auburn when it comes time to train for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.

Note: This portion of the interview has also been removed, but there is a clip available on Instagram.

“It probably sounds so bad, but I’m going to start training for another Olympics, so I don’t think if I go to the Olympics I’m going to come back [to Auburn],” said Suni, adding, “If I’m being honest, I’m just doing school to keep my [NCAA] eligibility. I’m not really doing it to like get a degree because I’m trying to build off my future off the Olympics.”

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for season 31 in the fall of 2022 on Disney Plus.

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