Tyra Banks Is a ‘Nightmare’ On ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Set: Report

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Each week brings a new episode of ABC’sDancing With the Stars,” and each week, fans take to social media to express their views about Tyra Banks, the host of the show. Now, behind-the-scenes reports about Banks are coming out in light of low ratings put up by the competition series.

After the ratings were reported for the first few episodes of the monumental season 30 of “Dancing With the Stars,” a source told OK! Magazine that Banks has been a “nightmare” to work with since the numbers came out.

The numbers have been lower than those of previous seasons.

There are many reasons that viewers may not be tuning in. Some vowed to boycott the show when they realized that Tyra Banks would be returning for her second season as host. Others were upset when it was revealed that pop star JoJo Siwa would be dancing with a female partner in the first female partnership in the show’s history.

According to one report by The Sun, producers are worried about what the low ratings mean for the show.

An Insider Says Banks Has Been ‘Disrespectful’

According to The Sun, an insider says that Banks has been making “wild demands” and has also been “disrespectful to the crew.”

The insider went on to tell the outlet that there is now a “toxic” work environment on the set.

“Last week she wore the Britney Spears pigtails, but all the producers said she looked like the horror movie doll Anabelle,” the source told The Sun.

At another point, the insider shared that “Tensions are high in the ballroom” and that they “wouldn’t be shocked if this is the last season.”

It’s important to note that reports by these outlets are often found false by GossipCop, a site that scrapes the headlines for reports and proves them true or false.

Banks’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Outfits Go Viral

Say what you will about Banks’s choice of clothing during “Dancing With the Stars,” but she does often get people talking about what she’s wearing each week, though the feedback is not always positive.

One person, in particular, thinks Banks needs a new team behind her outfits, writing “Tyra Banks, fire your glam squad. Your outfits every week are hideous.”

During Disney Week on season 30, one viewer compared Banks to a Wookie from “Star Wars.” Banks was actually in an outfit inspired by “The Lion King.” 

“Is Tyra supposed to be dressed up as a Wookie #DWTS,” the viewer wrote.

Another viewer wanted to know about the wig Banks was wearing. “Who put that wig on Tyra’s head? Who hates her that much? #DWTS,” they tweeted.

At one point during the Monday, October 11, episode, Banks said she was going to change her costume, and some fans were annoyed that she mentioned her wardrobe change.

The ex-model seems to enjoy changing outfits once during the show and showing off different looks inspired by a number of icons.

“@DancingABC Tyra Banks nobody cares how many times you change your clothes. You’re not the star on the runway anymore,” one person tweeted.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.

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Jennifer Brindley
Jennifer Brindley
1 month ago

I’m tired of people focusing so much negative energy regarding Tyra. I personally didn’t like Tom, but I didn’t complain about him being the host once! The world as so much negativity and not as much love and acceptance. I personally like her as host. I think Tyra brings a younger feeling to the show.

John Neville-Andrews
John Neville-Andrews
1 month ago

Ms. Banks is certainly disgraceful on the show. Whose idea was it in the first place? She has little talent other than singing and wearing ridiculous outfits. Should bring the old team back and while they are at it get rid on the clown Bruno Tonioli, who is more of a clown than a judge. The show has severely deteriorated over the years, professionalism seems to be out of reach.

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