‘Dancing With the Stars’ Viewers Compare Tyra Banks to a Wookie, Say She Should ‘Fire’ Her Stylist

Tyra Banks DWTS

ABC Tyra Banks hosting "Dancing With the Stars."

Fans of ABC’sDancing With the Stars” tend to have mixed reactions to host and executive producer Tyra Banks while she’s in the ballroom, and that didn’t change during the “Disney Week: Heroes Night” routines.

The discourse is always lively, especially around Banks’ choice of wardrobe, which she has said she makes crazy on purpose.

Ahead of the September 20, 2021, season premiere, Banks told E’s “Daily Pop” about the premiere episode and teased her outfit, saying that she knew people would talk about it.

“We gotta go big, I mean, it’s [season] 30!” said Banks, adding that,  “It’s important to do things loud and splashy.”

“The first outfit I’m gonna have on, they gonna be like, ‘Tyra’s lost her mind.’ And I think it’s important to lose your mind when it’s season 30 … have people on their phones being like, ‘She done lost her mind, turn on the TV!’”

Viewers Think Banks Should ‘Blend In’

Some viewers think that Banks doesn’t fit the job as well as other hosts have in the past.

One person tweeted, “I’m at the point where literally everything Tyra says and does just pisses me off. This woman guys. She has to get off my tv. #dancingwiththestars #dwts.”

One viewer compared Banks to a Wookie from “Star Wars.” Banks was actually in an outfit inspired by “The Lion King.” 

“Is Tyra supposed to be dressed up as a Wookie #DWTS,” the viewer wrote.

Another viewer wanted to know about the wig Banks was wearing. “Who put that wig on Tyra’s head? Who hates her that much? #DWTS,” they tweeted.

One person, in particular, thinks Banks needs a new team behind her outfits, writing “Tyra Banks, fire your glam squad. Your outfits every week are hideous.”

Some Think Banks Puts Too Much Emphasis on Her Outfits

At one point during the Monday, October 11, episode, Banks said she was going to change her costume, and some fans were annoyed that she mentioned her wardrobe change. The star seems to enjoy changing outfits once during the show and showing off different looks inspired by a number of icons.

“@DancingABC Tyra Banks nobody cares how many times you change your clothes. You’re not the star on the runway anymore,” one person tweeted.

Another wrote, “Oh my God @ABCNetwork we’re done with @tyrabanks, right?! She is just so not good at this. It’s not getting better. Why are you dying on this hill and tanking your show? Please make it stop.”

For what it’s worth, the ratings are in for the beginning of season 30 of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” and they are down from previous seasons. That may not be linked to Tyra Banks being the host, however, as there are a number of factors that could affect those numbers.

Some fans are so upset with Banks on the show that they’ve made petitions to try to get her fired. One petition, which was posted on change.org, has garnered mild support, with over 13,000 signatures as of the night of Monday, October 11, 2021.

Other Fans Showed Support For Banks

Not all fans are against Banks and her changing outfits.

“Oh thank Mickey! @tyrabanks changed and it isn’t horrible. I *think* she’s a Muse from Hercules #DWTS,” one person tweeted.

Another simply wrote, “@TyraBanks I love you! You’re beautiful!”

“#DWTS I don’t usually notice, but whomever did @tyrabanks #wardrobe for tonight’s show, she looks amazing. #WOW!!” one person tweeted.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs at 8 p.m. Eastern time on Mondays on ABC.

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Emmy Bonja
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Is this all the show is about now?

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