Meet the Cast of ‘FBOY Island’

Fboy Island

HBO Max The women on HBO Max's new dating show "FBOY Island" must determine the true intentions of their male counterparts.

How hard is it to distinguish a nice guy from a jerk? HBO Max‘s new reality dating show “FBOY Island” is going to find out.

The show follows three savvy, beautiful women as they get to know a group of twenty-four men. Half of the guys are looking for love and the other half are only after one thing: the $100,000 prize. Will the ladies think the nice guys are too good to be true? Will they succumb to sweet nothings whispered by smooth-talking scam artists?

You can stream the first three episodes now on HBO Max. Three new episodes will air next Thursday, August 5 and the final three episodes will premiere Thursday, August 12. Let’s meet the cast.

Meet the Ladies

Unlike other dating shows, the men-to-women ratio on “FBOY Island” is slightly uneven. In fact, there are three women and twenty-four men. Here are the three ladies who will be looking for love (and red flags) this season.

Nakia has dated jerks in the past and thinks she knows how to spot them by now. She’s a 28-year-old hair and makeup stylist and a singer-songwriter.

CJ is a fun-loving and funny content creator. According to People, she has a history of taming fboys. Does that mean she’ll skip the nice guys altogether and reform a f***boy?

Sarah is a social media manager who loves working out. She needs a partner who takes fitness seriously. Unfortunately, fboys and fitness go together like sand and surf.

Time will tell which of the ladies has the best nose for fboys.

Meet the Fellas

Eye candy alert: there are twenty-four hot and single men on the cast of “FBOY Island.” At least, half of them are single. The fboys could have girls at home. After all, they’re only after the cash prize.

Let’s meet the guys, twelve of whom are genuine and twelve of whom are genuinely fboy material.

Andrew D is a Pisces and an emergency responder. He’s looking for a girl who dances in the rain.

Sounds wholesome…or is that what he wants us to think?!

Anthony admittedly “always keeps girls on their toes.” But he also says dating him is like dating your best friend. Will the girls get close enough to see that side of him?

Cameron B says he gets told he looks like a player, and we’ve all been warned not to judge a book by its cover. He says he wants someone loyal and that the key to his heart is consistency, so maybe this apparent player is an actual catch.

Casey J says that dating him is “like playing Russian Roulette” but also says he doesn’t see the point in playing games…pick a side, Casey! We’re getting major fboy vibes from this Libra.

Ooh la la, Charley speaks French. He also loves working out and cooking. French boy or fboy?

Chaun’s ideal first date is a winery tour followed by a lakeside candlelit dinner. Sounds like he put a lot of thought into that!…maybe too much thought? This show is already giving us trust issues.

Collin says dating him is “like the s*** you see in movies.” Notice he doesn’t way what kind of movie. Will Colin give you a happy ending or a reason to cry over a pint of ice cream?

Divij says his ideal date is taking a girl on a private jet for a lunch date in London. Big romantic gestures are nice but is it all about appearances for this stud?

Chris says he needs a partner who is willing to grow. That sounds legit! But he also says he goes crazy for “a girl with a healthy peach”…is it possible for nice guys to be fboy risings?

Fernando seems like he doesn’t have time to fool around. He’s a chiropractor AND he’s training for the Olympic bobsledding team. No wonder Cher wrote a song about him!

Garratt P is an artistic type. He’s into poetry and filmmaking but also says dating him is like “an F5 tornado.” Hope the ladies like being swept off their feet!

We know Greg’s love languages! He says the key to his heart is food and gifts. But is he willing to give as well as receive?

According to Israel, the way to make him smile is to “show me love, be open about your feelings, and be kind to the world.” We’re not sure if it’s just the cute accent, but we believe him.

Garrett M. is an athlete who loves competition. Let’s just hope his idea of victory is finding true love instead of winning $100k.

We’re not sure Jamie has an fboy bone in his body. He lives with his grandma, values deep conversations, and says dating him is like a therapy session.

Jared the Gemini says he’s weirdly attracted to people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Does that mean he’s the same way?! Or do opposites attract?

Josh likes to travel, but is he looking for a ride-or-die or a girl in every city?

Kevin says he doesn’t like messing with people’s feelings and his warm smile makes us want to trust him.

Mark is an investment banker. He might be fiscally conservative but he uses dad jokes liberally. Is this wisecracker also a heartbreaker?

Matthew says his best pick-up line is to “just speak honest thoughts and feels.” Is that a line?! Who knew identifying fboys would be such mental gymnastics?!

Paul the surf instructor says he can “almost speak girl sometimes.” Will he use his communication superpowers for good or for evil?

An actor, a massage therapist, and an only child? Is Peter a recipe for an fboy or is he more than the sum of his parts?

Ryan is multifaceted! He’s an army guy who is studying creative writing. But will he write you into his love story or just go AWOL?

Tariq is a nutritionist who says dating him is like “dating a king who cherishes his queen.” Maybe he got his player days out of his system back when he played division one basketball.

Binge the first three episodes of “FBOY Island”, now streaming on HBO Max.

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