FitFighter on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

FitFighter Shark Tank


Entrepreneur Sarah Apgar took her company, FitFighter, to the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank to see if she could score an investment from one of the business moguls.

Apgar pitched her company to longtime Sharks Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary as well as to Guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky.

According to the episode synopsis, Apgar is an Iraq war veteran from Baltimore, Maryland who went to the sharks to try to get a deal for “her unique fitness system intended to help one train like a hero.”

Here’s what you should know about FitFighter from ABC’s Shark Tank: 

1. The Founder is an Army Veteran & Former Firefighter

According to the FitFighter website, the founder of FitFighter is a veteran of the United States Army and also a former firefighter.

“When I left the Army, I missed the camaraderie and training. The trash talk and the grind,” Apgar writes on the site. “To fill the void, I joined my local volunteer fire department in Huntington, New York, and got that community back.”

She writes that firefighters share the same commitment and pride in their work as soldiers and athletes do.

2. FitFighter Was Originally Designed for Firefighters

The fitness product was first designed for firefighters, as Apgar writes on the website that the stamina required of them is grueling and challenging.

“As a team, we struggled with the physical strain and chaos of fire-rescue operations,” she writes. “FitFighter grew from fitness programs and team drills we developed in the firehouse gym and the truck bay, to better train for those demands.”

The product is now offered to anyone who would like to get fit with the equipment.

3. The System Includes Free Weights and a Training App

At the time of writing, the FitFighter system includes patent-pending Steelhose free weights as well as an iOS training app. The Steelhose weights are made in the United States from firehoses and steel.

Now, the FitFighter is used by the FDNY Fire Training Academy as well as the San Diego Fire Rescue Academy.

“Now, our training products and programs are available for trainers, coaches, gyms, and the general public,” the website reads.

The company’s vision is to make people demonstrably stronger and ready for any obstacle that comes their way.

4. The Membership Can Be Paid Annually or Monthly for Training Programs

There are currently two ways to get a FitFighter membership, which seems to be aimed mostly at businesses training firefighters.

The Pro membership, which includes Free Access to FitFighterLife, a Level 1 Certification Manual, a one-on-one introduction with FitFighter Master Instructors, official affiliate status and use of FitFighter trademarks and marketing for programs, is $450 a year or $50 a month for a six-month commitment.

Members can also pay a one-time fee for a Level 1 Certification, which includes a print manual and curriculum as well as one year of access to FitFighter Life.

5. Consumers Can Purchase the Hose and Membership Separately

At the time of writing, consumers who wish to use FitFighter for their own personal use can purchase the hose separately online here. For $65, purchasers receive a 5-pound, 15-pound, or 25-pound pair of Steelhose and a free 30-day membership to the program.

The Steelhose is designed to act as a “dumbbell, kettlebell, sandbag, medicine ball, and sledgehammer all in one,” according to the website. “Lift, swing, drag, drop, and toss your Steelhose for all the benefits of your favorite gym equipment in a single indoor-outdoor system.”

The membership comes with founding and pro teams to help users through the training.

Tune in to Shark Tank to see if the company can get one of the sharks on board.

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