WATCH: Hallmark Reveals First 2021 Countdown to Christmas Promo Video

Hallmark Countdown to Christmas 2021 video

YouTube/Hallmark A scene from Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas 2021 video.

The Hallmark Channel has released its first Countdown to Christmas promotional video. The new video has a strong Halloween feel because the channel’s Christmas movies launch at the end of October.

The 35-Second Promo Features a Halloween Theme

Hallmark’s new promo video leaned heavily into the Halloween vibe. You can watch the promo below or at the link here. (Note: Hallmark took down the original video, but the newer one with minor edits is below.)

Preview – Countdown to Christmas – Starts October 22This Halloween, celebrate with Hallmark Channel and the Countdown to Christmas movie event! Subscribe to our channel for previews, sneak peeks, and more every week:

The first scene features children trick-or-treating with a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern visible. As they knock on a neighbor’s door to ask for candy, they see Christmas snow coming from behind them. They turn around to see another house heavily decorated for Christmas. The children can be seen running away from the house they were going to trick-or-treat at, choosing to visit the house with the Christmas lights instead.

They knock on the Christmas house and say, “Trick or Treat!” The couple who answers the door has candy canes ready and they’re dressed for Christmas.

“At Hallmark, we celebrate Halloween a little differently,” the voiceover says, as we see people gathered inside enjoying a Christmas party. We can then see that they’re all watching a Christmas movie featuring Candace Cameron Bure.

The voiceover says, “The movies of Countdown to Christmas. Only on Hallmark.”

(It appears they took out the part of the voiceover that said “starts on October 22.”)

Interestingly, this preview doesn’t actually list any of the new Hallmark movies that are expected or when they are going to air. Hallmark is releasing that information slowly through press announcements. It’s likely, however, that a full lineup will be announced in the near future.

Hallmark Used to Have a Halloween Focus in October

In the past, Hallmark used to also air Halloween and fall-themed movies, including an annual “Good Witch” movie in October. While Hallmark has been leaning away from the Halloween movies in recent years, this is the second year without a “Good Witch” movie. Last year the movie didn’t happen because of the pandemic. This year, the movie isn’t happening because the series is canceled.

Here’s one of the Countdown to Halloween advertisements from The Hallmark Channel. This one’s from 2010.

Countdown to Halloween with Movies on Hallmark ChannelNo tricks, just treats. Catch movies every night during the week leading up to Halloween.2010-10-14T17:53:44Z

Here’s another advertisement from 2010 that Hallmark aired about Halloween.

Countdown to Halloween on Hallmark ChannelIt's almost time to celebrate Halloween! Enjoy the season, from Hallmark Channel.

Hallmark doesn’t ignore the season entirely, however. Hallmark now has a Fall Harvest celebration that features fall-themed movies in September and part of October. They simply also kick off their Countdown to Christmas celebration before Halloween every year now.

Fans loved Hallmark’s new Halloween-themed promo for 2021. On YouTube, fans left comments like, “Even as someone who adores Halloween, I got goosebumps seeing this. Can’t wait!”

Another person wrote, “cannot wait my favorite time of year look forward to this all year!!! 🎅🎅🎄🎄❄❄🤶🤶.”

Heavy has reported on quite a few Hallmark Christmas movies releasing for 2021. They include a castle-themed movie starring Lacey Chabert, a “Christmas Contest” movie starring Candace Cameron Bure, a new Christmas movie with Trevor Donovan, a new Christmas movie starring Tyler Hynes, a movie starring Luke Macfarlane, a movie called “Next Stop Christmas” starring Christopher Lloyd, a movie featuring the musical group Train, a new Christmas movie starring Ryan Paevey called “Coyote Creek Christmas,” a movie starring Danica McKellar, a new movie starring Tamera Mowry, a sequel to “The Nine Lives of Christmas,” a movie starring Erin Cahill, a movie starring Jordin Sparks and Michael Xavier, and more.

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