This TV Host Says ‘Charismatic’ Danica McKellar Should Host ‘Jeopardy’

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Tom Bergeron, former host of Dancing with the Stars, has often been floated as a possible Jeopardy! successor to the late Alex Trebek. But in a recent interview, he said that he thought Hallmark star Danica McKellar would be a much better choice.

Tom Bergeron Said the ‘Extremely Charismatic’ Danica McKellar Would Be a Great Host

In an interview with Vicki Abelson on Facebook Live, Tom Bergeron suggested that McKellar might be a great Jeopardy! host when Abelson asked if he would be interested in the job.

Bergeron hosted Dancing with the Stars for 28 seasons and America’s Funniest Home Videos until 2015, so of course, he’s been considered as a possible successor to Trebek. But Bergeron told Abelson that he’s really not interested in hosting another TV show.

“I have no urge to host a television show anymore,” he said. “…I’ve done every format you can imagine: from talk shows to quiz shows… dance shows, clips shows… And it’s been wonderful; it’s been great. But you know — been there, done that.”

However, he did say that his friend McKellar might be a good option. You can see him talking about McKellar at about 1:04 in the video above.

I would love to see Levar Burton or Danica McKellar, who’s a friend and is brilliant and extremely charismatic. And Levar, I think would be a great choice too. You know, someone who could bring a different kind of look and feel and spin to it. But they don’t need a 65-year-old white guy who’s pretty much done anyway.

This isn’t the only time he’s suggested McKellar. In a tweet in December, he also brought up McKellar as a great host. He wrote: “Flattered to be listed in some online polls, but no. I’d like to see @levarburton or @danicamckellar there.”

He told Abelson that the only time he had actually been on Jeopardy!, he froze on camera.

“I was horrible,” he said, laughing. “…I froze completely. … At one point I remember going, ‘Alex, my buzzer’s not working.’ He just very dryly looked at me and said, ‘We hear that a lot.'”

But, Bergeron added, he’s not opposed to surprises.

“Having said that, I’m always open to surprises… And I’m not above pitching myself for things.”

Bergeron added that he has a lunch date soon with Yannick Bisson, star of Murdoch Mysteries and former star of Aurora Teagarden Mysteries.

“You know I’m going to hit him up for a role in Season 15,” he said, referring to Murdoch Mysteries.

Bergeron and McKellar are friends. In November 2020, McKellar shared a photo of the two having lunch together, sharing that she missed seeing him on Dancing with the Stars. 

Fans Think McKellar Would Be Great Too

Bergeron isn’t the only one to float McKellar’s name as a possible host. Her name comes up a lot in discussions from fans.

Some news publications have also floated McKellar’s name too, including Mass Live. McKellar is listed fourth on Ranker’s list of possible new hosts.

McKellar hasn’t said anything about the idea. On November 10, 2020, she tweeted that she had been in denial about Trebek’s death.

McKellar’s name hasn’t been suggested in any official circles. Instead, Ken Jennings (the Greatest of All Time champion) hosted for six weeks, and then executive producer Mike Richards is on the schedule to take over for two weeks, USA Today reported. Katie Couric will host starting March 8, and then Dr. Mehmet Oz will host starting March 22, followed by Aaron Rodgers starting April 5. USA Today reported that other future hosts include Anderson Cooper, Savannah Guthrie, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Bill Whitaker, and Mayim Bialik.

Richards was a big hit the first night he hosted, Yahoo! reported. He said he stepped in to fill in a gap left by people needing to take COVID-19 precautions. Fans loved Richards.

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