Erin Krakow Explains Misinterpreted ‘I Do Have Feelings!’ Video

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Erin Krakow, who portrays Elizabeth on Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart,” took time recently to clarify what was happening in a video that’s being shared on social media. The video shows her throwing a water bottle while declaring, “I do have feelings!” However, she explained that this misunderstood video was originally made just for fun. It was actually a lipsync of one of Goldie Hawn’s movies.

Krakow Explained the Video Was a Lipsync of a Goldie Hawn Movie

InstagramKrakow’s Instagram Story

People on social media were misinterpreting the video, which Krakow filmed while dressed as Elizabeth. Some fans thought she was expressing her feelings and was upset during a “When Calls the Heart” filming shoot. However, Krakow explained on her Instagram story that this was not the case. She was actually just having fun and lip-syncing one of Goldie Hawn’s movie scenes.

I’m about to address something super silly. So in 2015 I got a little into dubsmash and I made a video where I was lipsyncing a performance — a glorious performance — of Goldie Hawn’s from ‘First Wives Club.’ And it was very fun and silly, and somehow this video has started recirculating and some of you seem to be convinced it is actually me and my voice and my attitude. And it’s just a fun little performance thing. So, just wanted to clarify, you’re going to see me and my face in the following video. I’m going to be moving my lips as if I’m saying the things you’ll be hearing, but I’m only lipsyncing. It is Goldie Hawn’s voice. She’s playing a character in ‘First Wives Club.’ So don’t come for Goldie either!

In the wrongly interpreted video, Krakow lipsynced Hawn and said: “You think just because I’m a movie star, I don’t have feelings. Well, you’re wrong! I do have feelings. I’m an actress. I have all of them!”

You can watch her original share from November 2015 below. Krakow shared the video on Twitter and tagged Lori Loughlin, Goldie Hawn, and Candace Cameron Bure.

After sharing the video on Instagram, Krakow concluded: “So while I am an actress, and while I do have all of the feelings, I’m not sure that is the way I would choose to communicate that sentiment. Thank you so much for your time.”

When Someone on Twitter Apologized, Krakow Was Quick to Forgive Her

After Krakow shared the message, Irma Oude Breuil tagged her and tweeted: “it was me who spread this video of Goldie Hawn.I thought it was funny because I was a little sad that there are still people who are very unkind to you.I’am sorry that this video has taken on a life of his own and people thought it was real.hope you’re not mad at me.”

Krakow was quick to reply, assuring her she wasn’t angry. She wrote: “Oh please don’t worry! Not mad at all!! It wasn’t your tweet I was referencing.”

Viewers thanked Krakow for not being angry at her.

One wrote: “Erin, thank you for forgiving Irma. Wish there was more truly sincere kindness in this world right now. How good is it that people truly try to protect the ones they care about.”

Another person commented that they loved the top or dress that Krakow was wearing in the Instagram video.

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