Howard Stern’s Wife, Beth Stern, Has Fostered More than 900 Cats

Getty Howard Stern and Beth Stern attend the 33rd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Public Auditorium on April 14, 2018.

Some Hallmark viewers might be surprised to learn that Howard Stern’s wife, Beth Stern, is hosting the 2021 Kitten Bowl. But Beth Stern is actually the perfect choice for the job. She’s a true animal lover and advocate who has hosted the event before and dedicates much of her time to fostering and helping animals in need. In fact, she and her husband fostered nearly 900 cats in a five-year period and she’s helped more than 1,000 cats find forever homes.

Beth Stern Is an Animal Advocate

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Beth Stern loves animals and is a major animal advocate herself. She’s hosting the Kitten Bowl VIII, alongside commentator Cameron Mathison and Tamera Mowry-Housley.

Stern works as a TV host and correspondent, but animals are one of her greatest passions. She’s the host of National Geographic Wild’s Spoiled Rotten Pets and was recently host of HGTV’s Mom Caves.

Hallmark wrote about Stern: “Stern has always used her spot in the public eye to educate the public about animal rights and is most proud of her work as the national spokesperson for The North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill animal shelter.”

She’s Fostered Many Animals Herself

Beth and Howard Stern's Family of 900 Foster Cats | My Pet Tale | TODAY OriginalsOver the past five and a half years, Beth Stern says she and her husband, Howard Stern, have opened their home to close to 900 fosters, and that the cats are their "family members." The couple doesn't have children and they adore taking care of the furry felines. » Subscribe to TODAY: » Watch…2019-02-03T18:00:01Z

Stern doesn’t just love animals, she also has fostered many pets herself. In fact, over a five-year period she and her husband had fostered close to 900 cats and kittens, she told Today.

In addition to her fosters, she and her husband have four resident cats who are rescues, she told Today in 2019. Bella, her blind cat, was found in a junkyard pregnant, and she stayed with Beth after her kittens were adopted.

She said that Howard Stern is her partner in all her rescue work, helping her care for their resident cats, socialize the kittens, and more.

“We don’t have children together, so they are literally our children,” she said. “…They are family members. They are with you through tough times, through wonderful times… As much as we’re nurturing them, I feel what we get back is tenfold.”

She said they love fostering the less-adoptable and special needs cats.

“Those animals have adapted, they are thriving…so don’t be afraid to adopt those special needs,” she said.

In fact, Stern has dedicated foster rooms in all three of her homes for cats and kittens that she’s caring for. She has an Instagram dedicated to showcasing the cats she’s fostering and helping find them forever homes, along with a webpage called Beth’s Furry Friends. According to her webpage, she “literally sleeps and breathes kittens.”

Hallmark wrote about Stern: “Stern embodies the spirit of adoption in her everyday life, having fostered countless animals in need. Stern’s tireless year-round efforts to find homes for animals makes her a synergistic fit to lead the charge for Kitten Bowl VIII.”

Beth Stern told Rolling Stone that fostering cats is “really my purpose in life.” She added that she cries every time she says goodbye to a foster who’s been adopted. She said that every morning, her husband wakes up at 4 a.m. for his radio show and she has breakfast and gets right to work helping her foster cats. She feeds them, cleans litter boxes, cleans the rooms, refreshes their towels — whatever they need.

“It’s constant,” she said. But I can never imagine my life any other way. It brings me such joy. It’s an addiction. I just absolutely love helping and saving these lives.”

Beth and Howard Stern were married in 2007 after they dated for seven years.

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