LISTEN: Hallmark Star Jen Lilley’s Cover of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Has Pandemic Twist

Getty Jen Lilley attends the 28th Annual Movieguide Awards Gala at Avalon Theater on January 24, 2020.

Hallmark star Jen Lilley released a new cover of Baby It’s Cold Outside that pokes fun at 2020 and all the new “life-altering habits” that people have had to adopt this year. This special “pandemic” version of the song jokes about social distancing and gives a decidedly 2020 take to the well-known Christmas tune. Fans are already saying that they love the new song.

Jen Lilley & Bryan Lanning Recorded the New 2020 Version

Jen Lilley recorded the new 2020 version with Bryan Lanning. You can listen to it and read the lyrics in the video below.

Baby It's Cold Outside, the 2020 edition by Jen Lilley and Bryan Lanning lyric videoSingers: Jen Lilley & Bryan Lanning Writers: Jen Lilley & Rob Christie Saxophone: Mindi Abair Bass: Chuck Berghofer Drums: Gregg Field Proceeds buy gifts for homeless children in 2020.2020-11-29T22:07:34Z

Lilley recorded the song with Lanning, who is an actor, composer, and director. Most of his acting credits involve portraying himself on series like Daily Bumps and YouTubers React. He’s particularly well-known on YouTube, where he has 406,000 subscribers. According to his YouTube page, Lanning found his initial success in 2011 when he and his wife left Idaho and moved to California and began sharing their “positive, country-living attitude” with the world. He released his first single in 2016 called This Is Home, which has been streamed more than 9 million times. He founded a music studio called Cali Co. and frequently collaborates with other professionals on special projects.

Here’s a link to all the versions of Lilley’s new Baby It’s Cold Outside, whether you prefer listening on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, or YouTube.

Fans already have great things to say about the new song. One person wrote on YouTube: “Thank you for making me smile a little today Miss Lilley, I needed it.”

Another fan wrote: “I love this #2020 version. Made me smile! Thank you!! Happy Holidays.” 

Fans on Instagram were similarly supportive, with one writing: “Oh my gosh, this is the best 😂.” And another wrote: “it’s amazing, loved it! Your voice is perfect! 😍❤️”

She Says the Song Reflects ‘Life-Altering Habits’ from the Pandemic

Lilley shared a cute animation for the song on her Instagram when she first announced the song’s release.

Lilley wrote about the song:

Keeping the authenticity of the song, some lyrics remain the same, while others are spun in reference to the realities and life-altering habits inflicted by the pandemic. With lyrics such as “The neighbors might think (Baby, it’s bad out there), I’m not distancing…” and “I’ll take your mask, your smile looks swell,” the reinvented version has a new lyrical twist coupled with the traditional jazz and swing feel of the original. Enjoy!

About four months ago, Lilley got a lot of people together to be part of a music video for On the Street Where You Live.

"On The Street Where You Live" by Jen Lilley featuring #VoicesThatGive ContestantsThis summer, Jen Lilley launched a global, online talent competition called “Voices That Give”. The Money Raised will help build a neighborhood full of safe, stable, and loving foster homes for children in the United States. Contestants who received 100 votes or more were automatically qualified for a place in this video. This is a…2020-07-29T04:00:10Z

Her YouTube page noted that she launched a global talent competition to raise money for foster homes for children in the United States. The competition was called “Voices That Give.”

Lilley and her husband Jason Wayne adopted son Jeffrey, 2, on October 30 from foster care, People reported. They adopted his half-brother, Kayden, on June 10, 2019 after he was in foster care too. They also have a 15-month-old daughter named Evangeline.

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