Jen Lilley’s Tribute to Her Husband: My ‘Favorite Person in the Whole World’

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Jen Lilley recently posted a glowing “Happy Birthday” tribute to her husband… The Hallmark star told the world that Jason Wayne is her “favorite person in teh whole world.”

She Thanked Her Husband for the Healing He’s Brought to Her Heart

In a sweet Instagram post, Lilley shared that her husband has brought healing to her heart and that he “runs toward brokenness.” She added that it’s the honor of her life to be his wife.

She wrote on Instagram:

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole world @jasonthewayne. May I always look at you like this. I could never do even 25% of what I’m doing without this man. The name Jason means “healer” and he has brought so much healing to my heart and to our children. He runs toward brokenness, he never turns his eyes away from situations that seem too hard or too inconvenient when it comes to loving others with the compassion of Christ. Being your wife is the honor of my life. I love you. I love building a family with you. Happy birthday old man. #thisis40

The Couple Adopted Their 2-Year-Old Foster Son in October

In October 2020, Lilley and Wayne adopted their two-year-old foster son Jeffrey, People reported. He had been in foster care for 846 days. She said one of her happiest moments was when his mother decided they could foster him. They were already fostering his half-brother, Kayden, whom they adopted in 2019 after he was in foster care for 984 days.

In a series of Instagram posts, Lilley wrote:

Christmas came early this year… I have loved this little one since his momma’s first sonogram. She didn’t know, but I knew she was pregnant, and I prayed for this little baby boy every single day. When we got the call that he was in foster care, and they weren’t sure if he would be able to come live with us, I was wrecked. How could I ever explain to the boys that we didn’t keep them together. Where would he go? Not all foster homes are loving. … I’ll never forget the moment I said amen, we got another call that their birth mom insisted the boys be together, and thank God the county honored her wish… There were so many times we didn’t know how his case would end, but we were committed to loving him the rest of our lives.

In August 2019, they celebrated the birth of their daughter Julie Evangeline, People reported. She was in labor for 22 hours and shared that at first the epidural only worked on one side of her body, but it was adjusted and kicked in 45 minutes later.

Lilley and Wayne were married in 2007, Country Living reported. They work together with the charity Childhelp. In 2016, Lilley shared that her husband let her go to a women’s worship conference even though it was during their ninth anniversary. She wrote on Instagram at the time: “Only the love of my life would selflessly let me go off to worship my God (my one True Love, my All in All) at a women’s conference on our anniversary. And then tell me he’s spent the morning praying for my day. Girls, a love like this is worth saving yourself for. Jason, you are everything God knew I needed!”

The couple has four children “and counting,” according to Wayne’s Instagram page. Lilley once had a miscarriage when she was 12 weeks along and just one week away from telling her family about her pregnancy, Country Living reported.

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