Kevin McGarry Reveals Lucas May Be Hiding a Secret on WCTH

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Kevin McGarry, who portrays Nathan on When Calls the Heart, was a special guest on Hallmark’s Bubbly Sesh Podcast where he discussed When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 7. During the interview, he revealed that Nathan isn’t the only person hiding a secret in Hope Valley — Lucas may be hiding a secret too.

You can listen to the full podcast interview with McGarry here.

This article will have spoilers through the latest episode of When Calls the Heart, Season 8 Episode 7.

He Hinted That Lucas May Have a Secret Involving Christopher

While McGarry mostly dished on Nathan’s potential future with Elizabeth, he also hinted that there may be more to Lucas, including a possible secret involving Christopher.

He talked about how Lucas had that intense scene with Christopher where he warned him that if he really stole Lee’s pocket watch, he would send him on the next train out of town. He also asked Christopher more than once whether his room at the saloon was to his liking.

McGarry said all of these interactions might hint at a bigger secret. He talked about it around 21:30 into the podcast interview.

Why is Lucas giving him a warning? … We can’t talk about it too much. Think about this. Why. What’s that relationship, it’s so weird, why out of all people? … The things that you’re just throwing out there…

Why out of all the people is it Lucas saying, ‘I’ll drive you out of town’? That seems weird.

He went on to mention that he’s planting seeds for viewers to think about.

I want to plant more seeds. There’s more mystery than people know is coming. Everyone knows there’s something kind of coming with Nathan and Elizabeth. … There could be some more hidden gems and some secrets and things that are going to come up. … Maybe I’m lying. Maybe this is nothing. This is my tell-all. This is my memoir. Secrets about Lucas… That’s the book Nathan’s working on.

Of course, that last part was a joke and Nathan isn’t really working on a Secrets About Lucas book. But still, McGarry’s comments are intriguing.

He Added that Lucas Is Authentically a Sweet Gentleman

This potential secret doesn’t mean that Lucas is a bad guy, McGarry added. When one of the hosts commented that maybe Lucas isn’t “that sweet, romantic gentleman like everyone thinks,” McGarry was quick to correct her.

“He is… He’s a person, so he’s not just that,” McGarry quickly said.

Of course, Nathan also has a secret that’s likely going to come out soon, he told the podcast.

There is a secret. There is something between them that’s gonna be coming out that, you know, gives a bit of answers to why Nathan has been reluctant or … nervous or just awkward around her (Elizabeth). There is a reason to that that’s coming up.

But will either secret change Elizabeth’s current course, now that she’s seemingly chosen Lucas? That question remains to be answered. In the latest episode, Elizabeth seemed all-in with Lucas. She even asked him to walk her home and held his hand as they walked. It seems like it might take something major to change her mind, but only time will tell.

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