Martin Cummins Reveals if Henry’s Returning to ‘When Calls the Heart’

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Fans have been wondering if Henry is returning for season 9 of “When Calls the Heart.” When season 8 ended, Henry was tying up all his loose ends and had announced that he was leaving Hope Valley. Martin Cummins, who plays Henry in the series, has finally revealed if he’ll be returning to Hallmark’s hit series.

He Shared on Instagram That He’s Back on Set for Filming

The big question of whether or not Henry is returning was resolved with an Instagram post. Cummins shared a photo on Monday, July 19, that had the Jamestown Movie Set tagged, which is where “When Calls the Heart” is going to start filming in Canada on July 21.

Cummins wrote: “Just tell me where to stand. Back at it this week. #whencallstheheart #hearties.”

His post left no room for doubt. Henry is returning for season 9 of “When Calls the Heart.”

Of course, Hallmark fans who saw the post couldn’t contain their excitement. Comments included posts like:

“Happppppy dance!”

“HELL YES! 👏👏”

“Oh now I can breathe easy… I know I get to see Henry again!! Yay!!”

“YAAASSS!! So so glad!! Answer for my Hearties Heart! 💕”

When season 8 ended, it really looked like Henry was leaving for good. He put Mike in charge of his business and he gave bill more information about the mining accident.

“Feels like you’re trying to clean the slate, to say goodbye,” Bill observed.

Henry later told Lucas he was leaving and that the saloon, the hotel, the petroleum business – none of it mattered to him. He wasn’t sure what was next for him, but it wasn’t the “acquisition of more shiny objects.” He said it’s important to find what truly brings him comfort, and so he was leaving town to find it.

With such a definitive departure, the news that he’s returning is surprising but welcome for fans.

Some Fans Asked If He Was Bringing Abigail Back With Him

One fan commented: “Please tell us you brought Abigail back?🤞🤞”

Another wrote: “Ahhhhh! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Now, the big question, did you bring anyone back with you?!?! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼”

And another commented: “I hope you’ve gone to get Abigail and bring her back to Hope Valley. ❤️”

Although it’s not known for certain, series creator Brian Bird said in a recent podcast that it was unlikely that Abigail would be returning soon, even though he wanted her back on the show.

In an interview with Charisma Podcast Network’s Greenelines podcast and host Dr. Steve Greene, Bird said they opened the door for Abigail’s return to happen but he’s just not sure if it will work out.

“I personally would love nothing more than that happening in Hope Valley,” he said about Abigail returning. “Whether or not we can do it is another question. There’s a lot of moving parts to that decision. There’s a lot of other stakeholders besides me who would have to say yes to that. So I can’t say with certainty that we can pull that off. I hope we can, but I can’t say that we can actually pull it off.”

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