WATCH: Nathan Reveals He’s Not Giving Up on Elizabeth in WCTH Clip

Crown Media Nathan's not giving up on Elizabeth.

In a sneak peek for the next episode of Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart, ET Online revealed that Nathan isn’t ready to give up on Elizabeth just yet. Fans are having mixed reactions about the news, based on whether they’re Team Nathan or Team Lucas.

Nathan & Carson Both Revealed They’re Not Giving Up

Nathan and Carson have a private conversation where they both confess that they’re not giving up on their prospective love interests. You can watch ET Online’s clip below.

Carson looks over and sees Faith talking to Mollie and asks Nathan: “Why do we stop trying new things?”

That’s when Nathan observes Elizabeth talking to Lucas. He responds, “I don’t know. Probably give up when things don’t go our way the first time.”

“Staying where we’re comfortable,” Carson says. Considering that he’s debating about taking a new fellowship where he’s not comfortable, it’s an interesting choice of words, since he continues with speaking positively about trying things with Faith.

“Staying with someone you’re comfortable with,” Nathan responds. I have to wonder if he’s insinuating that Elizabeth is more “comfortable” with Lucas.

“There’s plenty of new experiences to be enjoyed,” Carson counters.

Here’s what they’re both saying next, as the camera cuts between their two statements:

“More meaningful relationships,” Nathan adds. “She’s got to know me. It’s as simple as that.

“She needs to trust me,” Carson says. “Be willing to try. Easy as pie.”

Then they both say: “I’m not giving up.”

Fans Are Having Mixed Reactions

Fans are having mixed reactions to the news. Team Nathan fans think it’s romantic that Nathan is willing to fight for her, which is exactly what Elizabeth had said that someone should do when facing the chance of losing true love. However, last week Elizabeth took her own advice and approached Lucas rather than Nathan.

Here’s one Team Nathan fan tweeting that until Elizabeth takes off her wedding ring, Nathan should feel free to continue pursuing her.

Team Lucas fans, meanwhile, think that Nathan is being pushy. They say that Elizabeth has clearly made her choice and Nathan isn’t taking no for an answer. They counter that she’s had plenty of opportunities to get to know him already, and based on that information she made her choice of what she wants to do next.

One fan (@lanuevanormal) wrote in a series of tweets: “so N sees E with L .. she looks genuinely happy, she’s not standing in public faking it for his benefit .. & that’s when he decides to fight for her? why not just let her be happy .. i’d think that if E wanted to be with N, she should be allowed to make that choice herself, without him interfering with E/L. & based on literally nothing .. he decides E is only with L coz he’s comfortable & assumes that their relationship is not meaningful. there’s a lot said in that scene by N that just UGH .. he needs to stop making assumptions about E’s feelings/decisions … its really annoying/frustrating! i mean when asking E out, L made sure to ask about what she meant the dinner was & that it was an actual date. this scene just really made me need N to give E her agency. #TeamLucas” 

The preview for Sunday that Hallmark released reveals Elizabeth and Lucas getting closer. But the preview also shows that Allie is going to try to help Elizabeth and Nathan get closer too.

Extended Preview – No Regrets – When Calls the Heart – Hallmark ChannelElizabeth questions if she is truly ready to let love in again. Rosemary wonders what her purpose is. Clara and Jesse try to sort through their marital issues. Carson receives the opportunity of a lifetime. A stranger named Christopher comes to town.2021-03-22T02:00:04Z

It seems anything could still happen at this point.

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