Authorities Share Possible Cause of Death for Alicia Witt’s Parents

Alicia Witt

Crown Media More details emerge about the deaths of Alicia Witt's parents. (Alicia Witt is pictured here in the movie The Mistletoe Inn.)

Alicia Witt’s parents were found mysteriously dead in their home in Worcester, Massachusetts, on Monday night, December 20. Police have learned that the Hallmark star’s parents were both suffering chronic illnesses. Officials are speculating that hypothermia might have been the cause of death, but they are still waiting on the medical examiner’s report.

Hypothermia Might Have Been the Cause of Death

An autopsy is still being performed on Robert, 87, and Diane Witt, 75. The medical examiner will release an official cause of death at that time. However, authorities told Boston 25 News that hypothermia might have been the cause of death. One of her parents was wearing a coat inside their home when they were found dead.

Police told the Telegram & Gazette that because of problems with a furnace, the couple had been using a space heater. However, Worcester Fire Deputy Chief Adam Roche told Telegram & Gazette that there were no signs of carbon monoxide in the home. He told Boston 25 that they used a meter in the home and air readings were all normal.

Some neighbors told Boston 25 that they hadn’t heard about any heating issues at the home, and they saw an oil truck making a delivery recently before the couple died. Because of conflicting reports, it’s not confirmed if the couple was having heating issues in their home or not.

There were no signs of trauma at the couple’s home.

Lieutenant Sean Murtha, a spokesman for the Worcester police, told the Boston Herald: “I can confirm that police were dispatched to the residence and discovered a male and a female deceased. There were no signs of foul play. It is under investigation.”

Her Parents Both Had Chronic Illnesses & One Neighbor Said the House Was in ‘Terrible’ Condition

A neighbor who asked not to be named told Boston Herald that the Witts’ home was in “terrible condition.”

She said: “If people put pieces of furniture out on the curb, she [Diane Witt] would take it. She just seemed to think that everything had value.”

She said that Witt’s family member’s wellness check, where police discovered the couple had died, was the second wellness check done on the couple recently. She said another one was done in the past year after a neighbor was worried and asked the police to check on them.

The neighbor told Boston Herald that Diane Witt said she had Parkinson’s disease, and Diane was “very frail.”

“A strong wind could have blown her over,” she told Boston Herald. “She couldn’t have been more than 90 pounds, and she was getting even thinner.”

The neighbor also shared that Robert Witt had cancer and at one point was going to Boston for treatment.

Robert and Diane Witt were retired high school teachers. The neighbor said they would sometimes come to her house to watch Alicia Witt’s movies because they didn’t have a color TV. She said she asked them about moving into an assisted living center or getting help from a local senior center, but Diane Witt wasn’t interested.

Alicia Witt Bought a Car for Her Parents & Would Visit Them When She Was in Town, a Neighbor Said

The neighbor also told Boston Herald that Alicia and her brother Ian Witt were both homeschooled. She said Alicia had bought them a station wagon, but the couple rarely used it.

“It mainly sat in the driveway,” she said.

Daily Mail reported that Witt would send a car to pick her parents up whenever they were in town, so they could spend time together.

Alicia Witt said in a statement to Telegram & Gazette: “I reached out to a cousin who lives close to my parents to check on them. Sadly, the outcome was unimaginable. I ask for some privacy at this time to grieve and to wrap my head around this turn of events, and this surreal loss.”

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Heidi Alday
Heidi Alday
8 months ago

I’m so sorry for the loss. It’s a difficult situation. You can’t make your parents do anything unless you have back up support. My 🙏🏻🙏🏻, are with the families.

Sandy Bysinger
Sandy Bysinger
9 months ago

I sure don’t think it is our responsibility to pass judgement on Alicia and her brother. It is very sad and maybe she’s had to deal with her parents making choices for themselves that go against her better judgement. but her life moves on too. It must be so hard to know people are remarking on their dirty laundry….She’s had such a hard time going on knowing full well how they have been living. But turning down her offers perhaps for years…seemed to be intelligent teachers at one time. Now eccentric to the extreme. Being cold and no heat is not normal. They may have been making the decision to move them into a home where they were safe and warm. She, I am sure, has so many regrets. Alicia if you see this……many of us had parents who would not have listened to us if we felt that needed to move or get additional help. I just hope I NEVER get this way. So hard on our kids.

Tammi Moses
Tammi Moses
9 months ago

It’s incredibly sad that this happened. It’s a fear many of us deal with daily – we do what we can to assist our older parents – but they often refuse all help while living in homes that are in desperate need of heat and repairs. According to what is stated in this article it sounds like there is likely hoarding issues involved and that is a daunting situation to deal with. And we – the adult survivors of this – are actually not responsible for our parents behavior & choices. Sending good wishes to Alicia & her family as they navigate this difficult time.

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