New Videos Hint at Rosemary & Lee’s Future on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Lee and Rosemary

Crown Media Lee and Rosemary

New sneak peeks for season 9 of “When Calls the Heart” were released by Hallmark over Christmas weekend. Some of them included hints about Rosemary & Lee’s future on the show.

This article has minor spoilers for “When Calls the Heart” season 9. 

Lee & Rosemary Are in ‘New Territory’ This Season

You can watch one sneak peek below, hosted by Pascale Hutton (Rosemary) and Kavan Smith (Lee.)

Hutton shares that Lee and Rosemary are “definitely in brand new territory” in the new season. We see a sign for Rosemary’s newspaper business, where she’s listed as editor-in-chief. It appears she’s still sharing an office with Lee, because her sign is actually hanging above Lee’s business sign.

“You might even say they’re beginning to be…” Smith begins to say in the video before Hutton stops him.

They shared in another sneak peek that the new season is all about love.

Lee’s Leading the Mayoral Race, According to an Article by Rosemary

Another sneak peek was also shared, which you can watch in the video shared in the tweet below.

In the sneak peek, Lee learns that he’s widening his lead in the poll for Hope Valley’s upcoming mayoral race.

“You really do believe in me don’t you?” Lee asks after reading Rosemary’s article.

“Of course I do, I always have,” she says.

Fans Are Still Hoping Lee & Rosemary Will Have a Baby

Fans are still hoping that Lee and Rosemary will have a baby. When asked what they would like to see in the new season, one fan wrote: “A baby and if not have Rosemary deal with more depression or something where she and Lee struggle a bit. Need to create drama away from Lucas and Elizabeth. They need to focus on some more happiness bcuz it’s been awhile.”

In previous seasons, Lee and Rosemary dealt with the fact that it was very difficult (if not impossible) for Rosemary to have a baby. Last season, the two took in Lee’s niece for a period of time, before she returned to her hometown. At one point it seemed like the couple might be raising his niece instead of having a child, but that storyline ended quicker in season 8 than some viewers had expected.

Other fans are wondering if the departure of the Taylor twins from the show means that “When Calls the Heart” might have the budget to hire a new set of twins for Rosemary and Lee to have a baby.

One fan wrote: “Yes I been dreaming of Rosemary having a baby. She’ll be such a great mom. But hopefully there is room down the line for baby girl Bouchard too.”

Hutton shared the photo above when filming wrapped in November.

While they were filming, she shared other photos showing herself dressed as Rosemary for filming.

In the photo above, she showed how much Jaiven Natt has grown. They wrapped filming for Robert on October 25.

She also shared the above candid shot in early September and wrote: “Scenes for season 9 are coming along really well! #WCTH #RosieLee.”

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