‘When Calls the Heart’ Exec on What Frustrates Him About Nathan

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The showrunner for Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart, John Tinker, answered questions about the show on a live Facebook video with his wife, Ronda Rich. During the interview, he talked about Nathan, what’s driving the character now, and what personally frustrated Tinker about Nathan’s personality.

Tinker Said He Really Wanted Nathan To Speak Up More

Tinker shared at about 17:00 in the video above that Nathan’s extreme reservation and unwillingness to speak up used to bother him as a viewer. He shared these feelings when a fan asked if Kevin McGarry had always known Nathan’s secret about Fort Clay, or if he was told most of the time to simply act more reserved in his scenes. Tinker said that McGarry was asked to be reserved when he acted and wasn’t told the big secret beforehand.

Tinker said:

No he [McGarry] didn’t. He did not know that [about  Fort Clay]… He was reserved but… It’s funny you should ask that question, and we’ve talked about that in the writers’ room. There was a reservation to his character that I’ve personally, just as a viewer, found frustrating. I always wanted him to speak up. …

That’s why in the very first episode, he blurts out, ‘I love you.’ I think that signals a turning and a change in his character. And I think this season is about Nathan, really his character coming out of perhaps a shell in which he cloistered himself, due ultimately to all those things that happened. … When he first arrived he wasn’t ultimately received that well and he was having conflicting feelings about Elizabeth. Which again, that will continue to be played out this season. And we’ll see what happens after that.

He Revealed When He Thinks Nathan Is Being His Truest Self

Tinker also revealed the times when he thinks Nathan is acting like his truest self. And those times are when he’s with his newly adopted daughter Allie.

Tinker said:

… I think you see his truest character when he’s with Allie. I think he’s his most playful, I think he’s his most inquisitive, and he’s his most demonstratively loving. I think he’s his most himself. At least for me, again, as a viewer but also as someone who’s known him for a season or so. In fact I spoke to Kevin last night…discussing his character and what went on.

He Said He Didn’t Know of Any Secret Clues Connected to Elizabeth’s Shirt Colors

Tinker was also asked if there was any secret clue behind why Elizabeth always wears a white or off-white shirt in most of the episodes.

He said, “I not only don’t know if there’s a clue, that’s greater observation than I’ve given. Wow. … I didn’t know that. I should ask Erin [Krakow] what that means.”

Similarly, there’s really not a good reason why Lucas carries a teacup with him all the time. Tinker talked about that near the beginning of the video.

I don’t know… Not that I have a problem with it, but I asked that same question on set one day when I realized Lucas was always seen either standing at the foot of the saloon or on the porch. He always had a teacup. I wondered, ‘What’s in the teacup?’ I also wondered, ‘Why is it a teacup?’ He seems, perhaps not the teacup-bearing person. He might carry a glass or a mug. I don’t know… That really made me feel foolish.

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