‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 8 Episode 5 Review: Endings Lead to New Beginnings

When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 5 Review

Crown Media When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 5 Review

Last week on When Calls the Heart, things really moved forward between Lucas and Elizabeth, as she finally revealed that she told Nathan they couldn’t be together. But after the episode, a preview showed a confusing moment with Nathan stopping by to visit Elizabeth at night. Ever since, fans have been wondering just what was going to happen. Now it looks like Elizabeth has finally made her choice, but will she stick with it?

This is a review of When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 5, so there will be spoilers below for the new episode. 

A Graduation Highlighted the Episode, But Tension Hovered Beneath It All

The episode begins with the end of another school year. Elizabeth says she has mixed emotions over how quickly the years are passing, but she still wouldn’t change this part of her life.

They’re all getting ready for their graduation ceremony and the beginning of summer. It’s a beautiful time in Hope Valley.

Much of tonight’s episode centered around the theme of “graduating” to new beginnings and re-evaluating one’s current station in life. Many characters struggled with whether they truly want to be where they are, while contemplating what the future might hold.

At the graduation, Mr. Landis shows up “in an unofficial capacity.” He says the school is going to one day become part of the Valley Area’s system, which Elizabeth is very opposed to. Then he later points out that Elizabeth isn’t credentialed to teach a sightless child, but Elizabeth reminds him that she operates an independent school. This looks like it’s going to lead to a major battle later in the season.

Thankfully, the tension isn’t the main part of this graduation ceremony! Robert’s commencement speech includes sing a sweet song to Elizabeth with the rest of the class. But maybe the part that made her happier was learning that Angela’s going to attend school there after all!

Despite Choosing Lucas, Elizabeth Still Seems Conflicted Over Nathan

Nathan skips out on his parent-teacher conference with Elizabeth, and she’s not about to let that go. She sends him a note, prompting him to stop by her home in that scene from the preview that everyone was wondering about. Turns out, she wanted to talk about why he skipped the parent-teacher conference.

Nathan tells her that he went fishing with Allie, and Elizabeth is disappointed that he doesn’t have a good reason for skipping. Nathan admits he thought it was best considering what happened between them. Elizabeth tells him that Allie’s education should always come first, no matter what is going on, so they might as well talk about Allie now. Elizabeth wants to put Allie in an accelerated math program, but Allie’s concentration suffered toward the end of the school year.

“It seems that whatever happened at Fort Clay, it’s still weighing on her,” Elizabeth says, dropping an obvious hint that she wants to talk about Jack some more.

Nathan ignores the hint and assures her that’s all behind them. Elizabeth reminds him that Nathan is Allie’s only father and will always measure the quality she looks for in men. This seems to really speak to Nathan, and he apologizes for not going to the conference and admits it was selfish. He thanks her for the advice about Allie and leaves.

Awww. I really love how dedicated Nathan is to Allie. Even if he’s pained over Elizabeth’s rejection, one mention of how much Allie loves him and he warms right back up. 😊

Through all of this, Elizabeth’s really hard to read. I think their conversation is a good sign for a future camaraderie between the two, but I’m not sure if she’s feeling regret instead.

After the graduation’s over, Allie admits she’s not thrilled to be in an accelerated math program, but Nathan convinces her it’ll be OK. He thanks Elizabeth for “everything.” And Elizabeth thanks him for understanding, still looking conflicted. Really, I can’t figure out what’s truly going on in her head. And maybe she can’t either.

Lucas Is Handling Everything with Elizabeth Just Perfectly

Despite Elizabeth’s conflicted emotions about Nathan, she really seems to be enjoying her time with Lucas and reveling in it all. Lucas invites Elizabeth to dinner after the graduation ceremony. She accepts, making a point to tell him that it will be a real, actual date. They’re sharing a couple of really cute smiles when Nathan rides by, and Elizabeth looks torn all over again.

But later, she seems more sure of herself when she’s getting her dress altered for the big date.  She’s nervous, since it’s not usually her style, but Rosemary thinks it’s stunning. This is a big step for Elizabeth and she’s taking her date really seriously. To me, this seems like a really good sign as far as Elizabeth’s future with Lucas. She’s not just going through the motions. She’s really excited about him! Unless something unexpected happens, I can’t picture this going off the rails now.

The next day, Lucas shows up at her doorstep for a brisk morning ride on two horses. Elizabeth is thrilled, and now I’m convinced that she’ll be sticking with this choice. 😊

They seem so carefree and lighthearted when they’re together! When they stop at the bridge in a beautifully picturesque scene, Lucas tells Elizabeth that he’s going to skip the graduation because he doesn’t want to overshadow Nathan’s joy over Allie. That’s super sweet. They race their horses back to town in a playful scene.

After the graduation, Elizabeth comes home and learns that baby Jack was missing her a lot. Instead of getting ready for their date, Elizabeth sends a note to the saloon for Lucas. The good news is that my worries were unfounded! They’re still having their date, only outside Elizabeth’s home because Jack was missing her so much. And Lucas is fine with that. :) They had a lovely, romantic night, full of candlelight that was reminiscent of one of her dates with Jack.

“This feels like the first time in forever I haven’t had something weighing on me,” Elizabeth confides in Lucas with a smile. “No papers to grade, no lessons to plan, and soon I will be sending your mother, hoepfully, the final edits of my manuscript.”

“You have no idea how happy I am to be here with you,” Lucas says. When he takes her hand, Elizabeth tells him that she’s going to need them to take things slowly.

“We have all the time in the world,” he says.

Really, I don’t think things could be going better between these two. It seems like she’s made her choice.

But the Lucas-Nathan-Elizabeth triangle isn’t the only Hope Valley story to cover.

Abigail Got Her First Mention, While Some Couples Are Really Struggling

Abigail had one of her first major mentions in ages during this episode. What a surprise!

When Bill invites Clara and Jesse to buy part of the cafe and be partners, and he says that someday they might even be able to buy out him and Abigail. Is this the first major mention we’ve had of Abigail since Lori Loughlin left the show?

Jesse’s not too thrilled about the idea, though. He thinks it may be too much of a risk. Bill says there’s no pressure and they can just think about it.

“Besides, I haven’t even approached Abigail,” he adds.

That’s a second mention!

After Bill leaves, Jesse tells Clara that she had suggested earlier they should tighten their belts, so he thinks they should wait. Clara thanks him for taking their finances so seriously, but she looks really disappointed. In a later scene, Clara tells Jesse that she noticed their savings is drained.

“What did you do with our money?”

Jesse says he invested it, but he’s being really cagey about the whole thing. He finally admits their money is all gone, and Clara is devastated. She tells him to leave the house. She’s floored. Apparently, he made some big decisions without telling her anything about it.

Who Is Buying Dottie’s Dress Shop?

Meanwhile at Dottie’s Apparel, Rachel makes her first sale. Seems like she’s fitting right in, even if she is feeling a little homesick. Rosemary says it’s understandable when you’re trying to figure out what you’re going to do with your life. (Isn’t that the truth?!)

But the happy atmosphere quickly changes. Dottie has written Rosemary to let her know that she’s going to sell the dress shop. But the person interested in buying is a big mystery. (Remember when the new owner of the saloon was a mystery and it led us to Lucas? Maybe this storyline will be equally as fun! Or maybe Rosemary will outbid the new buyer. I think she’d make a great dress shop owner…)

(If you’re wondering what happened to Dottie, Heavy reported all about it in the story here.)

When Rosemary tells Lee about the sale, he doesn’t quite grasp the gravity of the news at first. But Rachel is really worried that this might end her stay in Hope Valley before it’s barely begun. Lee’s in a bit of denial, thinking Dottie won’t really sell. I’m not buying it though (haha, pun intended.) I think Dottie really will sell the shop. It’s just a matter of to whom.

Everyone’s Struggling with Their Careers & Futures

Everyone seems to be struggling with their careers. Bill stops by to see Nathan because he has to turn in his Mountie uniform. But Nathan says he’s about to go on vacation for the day, so it can wait. Bill is having some mixed feelings and nostalgia about not being a Mountie anymore. He tries on his uniform and it still fits. But something about this really pangs him, and he’s not ready to let it go yet.

Clara, meanwhile, is having her own issues. She’s been left in charge of the barbershop while Fiona’s gone and she’s really nervous about the responsibility. (I hope she was trained on how to cut hair at least a little!) Clara finally gets her first client and it’s Mollie! But she’s super nervous and end up burning off a huge part of Mollie’s hair! Clara’s not cut out for the barbershop life and she’s worried about losing her job at the dress shop. And now Jesse tells her their money is gone. She’s drifting and it’s not easy.

It seems a lot of changes are happening in Hope Valley, because Lucas is ready to bring Henry back to their oil business. It’s struggling and he needs Henry’s help. At the end of the episode, Henry returns to his office. But he seems conflicted, not happy, and it’s an unexpected reaction.

Things are a little awkward for Carson and Faith too. Carson got a letter from the doctor whose surgery he assisted, and something about the letter is bugging him. Later that night, he tells Faith that he was offered a surgical fellowship at Johns Hopkins. Faith is thrilled for him! But Carson is feeling really conflicted. (Much like most people in this episode.)

“Would you consider coming with me?” he asks. He says they can go wherever they want after he’s done or go back to Hope Valley. But Faith tells him that he’ll feel limited if he comes back to Hope Valley after such a big fellowship. It looks like these two might be heading for a breakup, like I was worried about last week.

It seems like everyone is rethinking their life calling. Lucas says he didn’t picture himself ending up where he is, but he’s a master of his own destiny. And Rosemary confides in Elizabeth that she was already thinking of leaving the dress shop.

“It is time for me to do something new with my life,” she announces. “Something more meaningful.”

She doesn’t have anything in mind, but she’s hopeful that she’ll figure it out. And this is basically the resounding theme for many Hearties tonight. Many of the characters are conflicted and still trying to find their sure footing. But in the end, they will all figure it out.

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