‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 9 Episode 5 Review: ‘Journey Into Light’

When Calls the Heart

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Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” has returned for season 9 episode 5. In this episode, called “Journey Into Light,” we see the sweetest declaration of love between Lucas and Elizabeth, which is sure to delight Lucabeth fans. In fact, the episode is all about love, including an adorable moment between Allie and Nathan, and a sweet conclusion to some angst that Rosemary and Lee were dealing with.

This story is a review and recap for “When Calls the Heart” season 9 episode 5, so there will be SPOILERS below.

The Episode Highlights the Highs & Lows of Love

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When the episode begins, Rosemary tells Elizabeth that she’s not sure everything’s OK with Lee, but she’s interrupted when Allie returns to town! Allie looks really happy and she’s growing into quite the independent young woman.

And can I just say that Little Jack is adorable? I love Hyland Goodrich in his new role.

The guy who hit Nathan claims he didn’t mean to do it, so we’ll see if the big conspiracy I was suspecting with the Pinkertons is accurate or not.

Lee and Joseph are working on a big surprise for Rosemary. This is pretty sweet, and apparently why Rosemary thinks something is wrong. I’m glad it’s something good, and that they revealed at the start of the episode that Rosemary’s concerns are unfounded.

Lucas and Walden are chatting, and Bill and Nathan both think something is up with how well they’re getting along. We know (and Bill doesn’t) that Lucas is trying to gain Walden’s trust. I’m just not sure if he’s going undercover, why he’s not including the local law enforcement (aka Nathan) in on his plan.

Allie & Mei Sou’s First Meeting Goes Well

Allie meets Mei Sou for the first time and is quickly impressed. “She is so beautiful!” Looks like Allie is going to be a Nathan and Mei Sou fan. 🥰 And my guess last week about a Robert-Angela-Allie love triangle is starting to happen too. Allie still likes Robert, but we saw last week that Robert seems to be really interested in Angela. Although that part didn’t play out this week, I’m sure it will be part of the storyline in the future.

After the introduction song, Rosemary confides in Elizabeth that she’s still concerned about Lee and that he might be tiring of her. Elizabeth tells her that’s impossible, but Rosemary says he works super long hours now and she’s concerned that their increased togetherness is too much. 

At the saloon, Minnie runs into Landis and decides to try to win him over with kindness. She brings him a homemade muffin and it’s an incredibly awkward scene. Kudos to the two actors for really making the awkwardness feel authentic.

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At the next table, Bill is trying to give Mike advice about how to be a good mayor. He said it should start by getting rid of his bow tie. I’m going to enjoy seeing these two working together, I think.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth finds Lucas trying to fix Lee’s motorbike and thinks he is very attractive looking so rugged. It’s a really funny scene when Robert interrupts them. I love this couple’s dynamic, especially when Elizabeth looks so excited when Lucas tells her that he bought the motorbike from Lee! These two actors are really selling their characters’ love, and it just feels so believable.

Nathan Shaves His Mustache for Allie

Can I just say that Nathan and Allie were adorable in this episode? Allie finds out that Nathan was hit by a car and she’s upset that she was kept in the dark all this time. Nathan apologizes, and then Allie asks him to shave his mustache.

“It hides your smile,” she says, speaking for all of us viewers. He immediately shaves it in response, which is super sweet.

Allie admits to Nathan that she just can’t get Robert off her mind, and she has really strong feelings for him. Nathan suggests they stay friends for a while, but she’s upset that Robert didn’t even say hi when she got back. But while she’s telling him, she accidentally calls him dad!! It’s a super sweet moment, and the two acted that perfectly.

I don’t think Allie and Robert are going to end up together, but I love to see how she’s confiding in Nathan about her feelings.

In a later scene, Minnie breaks it to Joseph that she’s invited Landis to dinner. She’s hoping to sit across from a man she doesn’t like and change his heart — and her own. It’s a really gutsy move, and a difficult one too.

The Storm Created a Great Ambiance for the Evening Scenes

A storm is rolling into town that night. It creates the perfect ambiance for the next scenes.

First, Rosemary runs into a note on Lee’s desk.

It reads: “You to the garden and I to the hills. And though never the twain shall meet, you and I will remain side-by-side, tete-a-tete, Forever my sweet.”

She tells Elizabeth about the poem and is confused about why he wouldn’t just give it to her. She said Lee hasn’t written a poem to her in years. But Elizabeth assures her that true love would never stray, even in the heart.

Faith and Mei Sou have a sweet scene with Allie, where they encourage her to accept who she is and not try to use makeup and other things to attract Robert. It’s cute, and I’m glad to see that Allie has these friends since she doesn’t have a mom.

Landis’ dinner with the Canfields starts out pretty awkward. He tells them that he used to be a teacher, focusing on private music lessons. They encourage Angela to play the piano for him. She’s very talented, but Landis steps in to give her a few tips on being even better. They end up playing a song together and even improvising as they go.

The next day, Landis is playing piano at the saloon! He’s gotten back in touch with his more creative side, it seems. He tells Elizabeth before he leaves town that he’s thinking about returning to teaching because being a bureaucrat just doesn’t fit well with his passions in life. So the Canfields really did have a major impact on him.

The Race Was Really Fun to Watch

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Lucas tells Elizabeth about the race he and Nathan are having. He’ll be racing his motorbike against Nathan on Elizabeth’s horse since Newton is injured. Elizabeth is concerned this isn’t just for fun, and they have an animated, funny conversation about it.

The next day, they’re getting ready for the big race. It’ll be five laps, but the motorbike breaks down in the middle of the race! Nathan offers him a ride back into town, but Lucas is annoyed with what happened and turns him down. So Nathan ended up winning! Sargeant takes a bow, and Elizabeth tells Nathan that Jack taught him that trick.

It’s a sweet callback to Jack that I hadn’t even expected to see. Jack still lives on in so many ways.

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Fiona tells Faith that she closed the oil deal while she was out of town. She’s super proud of it, but her deal is about to backfire on her. Henry gets an important wire about her meeting with Jerome Smith.

“What’s wrong is you convinced Smith to buy out Lucas,” Henry tells Fiona, clearly angry. But Fiona tells him that he gave her a bankers note for 10% with an option for the rest. Henry says that means it’s now their obligation to go through with the deal.

Fiona’s confused, thinking that’s what they wanted. But Henry says he was trying to stall to find out what Smith was up to. (Something he clearly should have shared with Fiona.) Fiona calls him out on it, saying he was thrown in jail for assault after being gone, and there was no way for her to know. Which I completely agree with.

Bill meanwhile is angry to see Mike being kind to Walden and welcoming him.

“This doesn’t look good for you,” Bill says. He says it’s a bad look for Lucas too, and Mike’s going to get bitten if he messes with Walden. I kind of wish that Bill trusted Mike more and didn’t just jump to conclusions.

Near the end of the episode, Lee tells Rosemary that they need to make more time for each other outside of work. He tells her that he built her a surprise — two gorgeous outdoor chairs! And he says the poem he wrote to her, which is incredibly sweet.

Elizabeth & Lucas’ Informal Vows Were the Perfect Ending

Lucas walks the motorbike back to town, where Elizabeth is waiting for him. He tells her in a perfectly heartwarming scene that he does like adventure, but she’s the reason he stays.

“You are my adventure,” he tells her. “You are my passion. And if we should marry, I will hurry home to you every night and I will have to pull myself from you every morning. That I promise.”

Elizabeth tells him that she would do the same if they were to marry. They basically just exchanged informal vows, and it marks a major milestone in their relationship. This is the first time they’ve talked about marrying each other, so I’m predicting an engagement by the time the season ends. Of course, they’ll have to tell each other that they love each other first! But I bet that comes soon.

It’s hard to pick an MVP for this episode, since so many characters shined. Elizabeth and Lucas’ moment was divine, but I loved seeing Landis’ heart soften as he spent time with the Canfields. And Nathan and Allie’s moment together was a highlight of the episode too.

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