When Can You See ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 8 Deleted Scenes?

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Fans of Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” enjoy seeing deleted scenes after each season has aired. Sometimes deleted scenes can clue you into character development or plot points that the show just didn’t have time to share properly. But when can fans see the deleted scenes for season 8 of the series? Here are all the details.

Deleted Scenes Will Be on the Collector’s Edition DVD

The Collector’s Edition DVD for season 8 is going to include deleted scenes for “When Calls the Heart.” Unfortunately, the DVD collection isn’t releasing until September 23, 2021, according to Edify Store’s listing. However, you can put in a preorder now so you’ll have the DVD collection purchased as soon as it’s available.

The Collector’s Edition will include 10 DVDs. Edify Store has the following synopsis about the new set:

From the Hallmark Channel and acclaimed Director, Michael Landon Jr. comes the continuation of When Calls the Heart in the When Calls the Heart Season 8 Collector’s Edition. Inspired by the beloved books by Janette Oke; Season Eight continues the story of love, hope, courage, and faith on the Canadian frontier. Follow the adventures of the young school teacher Elizabeth Thatcher as she faces new adventures and trials along with her infant son Jack and the many citizens of Hope Valley, a town that has become a symbol of the love and support the residents have for one another. Erin Krakow (Army Wives), Jack Wagner (Melrose Place), Pascale Hutton (Flashpoint), Kavan Smith (The 4400), and Martin Cummins (Riverdale) star in When Calls the Heart, a show that “is a testament to human perseverance and faith” (Common Sense Media). The Season8  Collector’s Edition is the must have for When Calls the Heart fans everywhere. The set includes 10 DVD’s, the original 12 episode TV shows, as well as 6 movie versions. There are also dvd’s of deleted scenes, Bloopers, behind the scenes clips, interviews, and exclusive commentaries.

Exclusive commentary and deleted scenes are what many fans are most excited to see.

ChristianBook.com also lists September 21 as the official release date.

Fans Already Know About Some Deleted Scenes They’re Hoping to See

Fans already know about some deleted scenes they’re hoping to see.

The showrunner, John Tinker, shared a video on Facebook with his wife, Ronda Rich, where they answered questions from fans about the show and talked about deleted scenes.

One of those scenes was from a still that showed a crowd applauding Elizabeth after she saved Robert. Tinker said he wished they could have used the scene, particularly because you can see Nathan clapping for her.

“I would that we could have used that in the show,” Tinker said. “It’s a really nice scene when she comes into town having heroically rescued Robert… We’re still trying to see if we can show you those deleted scenes… (There will be) fewer and fewer of those as we move on with the season.”

In another Facebook video, Tinker talked about a deleted scene involving Lucas and Elizabeth and Baby Jack.

Tinker said, “There was a … scene which I believe would be in the DVD set… When Little Jack was in town with his mom and Lee and Rosemary returned, he’s pulling a little toy dog about ‘yea big’ on a string.”

Tinker motioned with his hands to show the size of the toy dog.

“Well, that was actually a gift given to him by Lucas,” Tinker continued. “When he returned, Lucas gave that dog to Little Jack and he said to Elizabeth… a little toy dog on wheels… And he said, ‘Every boy needs a dog.’ And I loved that scene, but we had to cut it.”

There were also several deleted scenes involving Hickham.

Rich revealed that it was tough for Tinker to decide which scenes to cut, especially for the finale. She said he was pacing the floor about deciding what to cut because every scene felt so important.

When asked if any of those deleted scenes might make it onto the DVD, Tinker said: “If they’ve been included in the past, I would say yes. If they haven’t been included in the past, I will press for them to be included.”

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