Bravo Star Undergoes Surgery for Medical Emergency

Getty Bravo reality star Hannah Berner was hospitalized over the weekend for stomach pains.

Summer House’s Hannah Berner was recently hospitalized. Berner was filming the most recent episode of Bravo’s Chat Room when she, “started to get a really bad pain” in her stomach, the reality star posted on her Instagram on Sunday, October 19. The 29-year-old podcast host wrote a lengthy caption alongside a photo of herself sleeping in a hospital bed wearing a hospital gown and face mask, as seen below.

“At first I thought it was just a gas bubble, but then it started to feel like I had a demon child in my stomach trying to get out and I was apologizing to Jesus for talking about sex too much on podcasts,” she wrote in her caption.

Berner added that after awhile, her mom “insisted” that she go to the hospital. “When I got to the emergency room, they took tons of tests and had no idea what was wrong,” Berner continued. “I thought, if this whole time I just have to take a big poop this is going to be super embarrassing. Turns out, my intestines were wrapped around my appendix that was inflamed.”

She shared that she had surgery on Saturday, October 17. “On Saturday, I underwent surgery and they removed my appendix and I’m feeling a lot better,” she ended as the caption. “Thank you to the amazing nurses and doctors at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital for taking care of me.” Since her surgery, Berner has been hanging out with her new boyfriend and easing back into normal life.

Hannah Berner Shared Her Biggest Reunion Regret

Bravo’s newest show, Bravo’s Chat Room, features four Bravo-lebrities: Below Deck’s Kate Chastain, Summer House’s Hannah Berner, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Williams, and Real Housewives of Potomac’s Gizelle Bryant. The four ladies chat over video about the latest Bravo news, shows, and gossip.

On the latest episode – where Berner began to feel sick – the ladies talked about their biggest reunion regrets. The first part of the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion had aired prior to the show, so it was on the ladies’ minds.

Chastain, Williams, and Bryant all admitted that they had fashion regrets, but Berner confessed that it was something she had said. On her first Summer House reunion in early May, Berner had a heated discussion with her former love interest Luke Gulbranson. Berner said that she wasn’t expecting to argue with Gulbranson, so when he did, she wasn’t prepared, and asked him if he was trying to, “fight.” Berner laughed off the comment on Bravo’s Chat Room but revealed it wasn’t her proudest moment.

Hannah Berner Has a New Love Interest

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A post shared by Des Bishop (@desbishop) on Sep 5, 2020 at 6:02pm PDT

Amid troubled waters with Luke Gulbranson, Berner moved onto another man. Berner made their relationship Instagram official on September 24. She posted an ad for a vibrating wand along with a video of the different scenarios she could use the vibrator, including with her new partner, Des Bishop.

“So I actually saw him at the Comedy Cellar like, five years ago,” Berner said on Amanda Hirsch’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast on October 13. “He went up and he was so swaggy and confident and cute. But he was talking about how he lives in Ireland. So I was like, ‘Oh, well, that guy’s so hot. But he lives in Ireland.'”

Bishop – a 44-year-old Irish-American comedian – was raised in New York City but moved to Ireland when he was a teenager. “So he’s a New Yorker like I am,” Berner said on the podcast. “And I always felt like deep down I’d end up with a New Yorker.”

As other modern romances go, Bishop followed her on Instagram, and DMed her right away. “He DMs me and he’s very straightforward,” she said. “He had been following me and I was in his feed … If I didn’t scare him off with all my stupid TikToks during quarantine, then that was a win.”

Bishop asked her out for a coffee date, and they both had a great time. “He has a sick sense of humor like me,” Berner said on the podcast. “He made me laugh so hard. So then we just hung out for like, four hours. I was too COVID-paranoid to kiss him. Then we hung out again and we had sex. And then the rest is history.”

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