‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Discloses Sad Information on Social Media

Erin & Ben "Home Town"

HGTV Erin and Ben Napier star on "Home Town."

“HGTV” personality Erin Napier recently disclosed her Pyrenean Mountain Dog named Baker has passed on. According to Yahoo! News, the 35-year-old imparted some information about the situation on social media. The July 24 Instagram post showed the 12-year-old dog looking at the camera while Erin and her husband Ben’s first-born child Helen, 3, lovingly wrapped her arms around him.

Erin asserted in the caption that “all dogs go to heaven” and noted her entire family “will miss baker.” The “Home Town Takeover” star also shared that she was “thankful for the 12 years he lived.”

Quite a few Instagram users flocked to the comments section.

“They are you [sic] best hello, and you [sic] saddest goodbye. [Red heart emoji] All the memories will one day make you smile again, and that will never go away,” shared a commenter.

“Oh. No. My heart is broken. I’m so sorry!!! [Three crying face emoji] Prayers for your all!!!” added another Instagram user.

“Awww…so sorry. Dogs are angels, they definitely go to heaven. Such unconditional love,” chimed in a third fan, along with a red heart emoji.

Erin’s Mother Shared Information About Baker in a 2018 Blog Post

According to a 2018 blog post written by Erin’s mother, Karen Clark Rasberry, on the Laurel Mercantile Co. website, Baker — whose full name was Studebaker — was “a rescue dog that [had] some sad issues.” Rasberry revealed that “[h]e was pitiful when they first saved him from the miserable life he had been living.”

“His white fur was matted, falling out, and crawling with fleas and ticks. He had sores that he had scratched until they were bleeding. He was grossly underweight and scrounging around in garbage cans hunting anything he could eat,” wrote Rasberry. 

The Laurel, Mississippi-based realtor also noted that his rescue “was a stealth operation carried out under cover of darkness one morning right before the sun came up.” She then mentioned that Baker was nervous when he joined the Napier family. 

“In the beginning, he was terribly skittish, crouching down every time a human hand tried to show him affection. The first time it came a thunderstorm, they were shocked to see that he laid down and played dead until it passed over. Fireworks and thunder still send him into a panic where he either becomes catatonic or tries to tear down the fence gate to escape from the noise,” read a portion of the blog post.

Rasberry also noted that Baker enjoyed taking “a refreshing swim in the fountain located in the park next to the Arabian Theatre.”

Erin Napier Discussed Their Family’s Rabbit in a Recent Interview

The Napiers have another dog named Chevy and a rabbit named Madison. While being interviewed on the “Biscuits and Jam” podcast, Erin, who was still pregnant with her second daughter Mae, shared that Helen “treat[s] [Madison] like her baby.” She explained that her daughter “gets [the rabbit] out of her little hutch in the yard and brings her inside,” where she “carries her like a baby and feeds her spinach.”

“[Helen] takes pictures of her and says, ‘look at Mommy one, two, three,’” stated Erin. 

The mother-of-two then joked that Madison “is exhausted but she’s an excellent baby.”

“She’s doing a great job,” quipped Erin.

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