Is Facebook Down? Thousands Reporting ‘Something Went Wrong’ Errors


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Thousands of users are reporting that Facebook is not working correctly or sending back technical error messages when they try to use the website, especially on a desktop browser. However, some people are reporting issues with the app too. As of the time of this article’s publication, the same issues haven’t been reported on Whatsapp or Instagram. They seem to be mostly affecting the Facebook timeline, which is returning a “something went wrong” response for many people.

Users Are Getting ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error Messages

The Facebook problems vary, but Heavy observed that one of the issues is receiving a “Something went wrong” error when trying to use the site on a desktop browser. DownDetector also noted a spike, as shown in the chart below.

Down Detector

You can see exactly when the spike happened on Facebook in the chart above, DownDetector reported. The issues began around 4 p.m. Central. Users reported 71% of the issues with the website, 17% with the app, and 12% with logging in.

In just the span of less than 30 minutes, DownDetector’s errors spiked from about 1,000 to nearly 6,000.

DownDetectorFacebook on DownDetector

As of 4:34 p.m. Central, about 80% of the reported errors were from the website, increasing the percentage even more from when the initial spike of errors was observed.

One of the errors appears when loading Facebook’s home page on a browser. Heavy noted the error showed on several different browsers. Users may see a “Something Went Wrong” error that reads: “Something went wrong. This may be because of a technical error that we’re working to get fixed. Try reloading this page. Reload Page.”

On DownDetector, one person did say they were having issues with the app too, writing: “Newsfeed broken on the app and on the web. It was fine 1/2 hr ago. Looks like it’s another huge outage/issue.”

People reported the issue across the country, including in New York City and in Texas.

Facebook’s Developers Platform Status can sometimes help point to the source of issues with Facebook and Instagram. However, that page is showing “No known issues” as of 4:34 p.m. Central, nearly 30 minutes after the spike in errors was first reported.

DownDetector Is Not Reporting Similar Spikes on Instagram or WhatsApp

DownDetector has not reported similar spikes on Instagram or WhatsApp as of the time of this story’s publication.

Here’s DownDetector’s Instagram page, showing only a moderate spike and nothing comparable to Facebook.

Down Detector

Down DetectorDown Detector’s Instagram page

Similarly, WhatsApp is also not showing any issues on DownDetector as of 4:32 p.m. Central.

WhatsApp on DownDetector

DownDetectorWhatsApp on DownDetector

Because the issue has been affecting mostly browsers and the mobile app does not seem affected by the Facebook issues, people were not as quick to notice. At the time this article was published, no one had posted about the issue yet on Reddit’s Facebook subreddit, even though the outage was trending on DownDetector.

On Twitter, some people did jump on the platform to share their experiences.

One person wrote, “And #facebookdown !!! My live feed is not showing!!!”

DownDetector also tweeted about the issue, noting that it began around 5:16 p.m. Eastern.

One person joked that it went down at 2:22 on 2/22/22.

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