Mike Sorrentino Defends Calling the Police on His Brother

Mike Sorrentino

Getty Mike Sorrentino

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino explained the ugly situation that took place at his Holmdel, New Jersey home last week.

The “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” star called the police when his brother, Maximo Sorrentino, turned up at his house last week. After being slammed on social media, The Situation explained why he had to make the call.

In a screenshot of an Instagram comment he made to a critic who called him “despicable” for calling the police on his own brother, the MTV star claimed that Maximo is estranged from the family and has been a long-term meth addict. The Situation added that when his brother showed up at his house it was 8:30 at night and he began ringing his doorbell “incessantly” as the MTV star’s newborn son was trying to sleep.  Mike also revealed that this was his second harassment claim against his brother since July.

“I chose not to have the cops arrest him/cause him pain,” Mike wrote. “His behavior has been despicable for months. My whole family has him blocked not just me…. We just want him to get help and he is refusing.”

The Situation also told fans, “This is what prioritizing the health and safety of your wife and newborn baby looks like. This is what a mature responsible dad looks like. This is what tough love looks like. This is the ugly side of addiction. Saying no is also saying yes to yourself. This is what healthy boundaries look like. When someone chooses drugs over themselves only they can fix their problems. I have worked my a** off to be 6 years sober in December, going on 3 years in a happy healthy marriage to my college sweetheart in November and a dad to my first son who is 4 months old. Anybody can get the smoke if you try to jeopardize everything I have worked for!”

The Situation Called the Police After His Brother Showed Up At His House Uninvited

Last week, TMZ reported  that Maximo showed up at Mike’s house uninvited and carrying “a ton of gift bags.” When Mike and his wife Lauren did not answer the door, Maximo “peered inside” the house through the glass, the outlet noted.

The “Jersey Shore” star did not open the door but did call the police on his uninvited family member. Law enforcement arrived on the scene and told Maximo he was not “allowed” on the property without his brother’s permission.

Maximo, who claimed he was just dropping off a gift of sweatsuits for the new dad and his son, promised to refrain from returning to the house without permission from his brother.

Maximo Sorrentino Is Baffled Over His Brother’s Reaction

Mike Sorrentino

Getty Mike Sorrentino poses in 2018.

While he left the property without an arrest, Maximo told NJ Advance Media he was confused by the whole incident.

“I don’t know what Michael’s issue is, quite honestly,” Maximo said. He also claimed that his famous brother lied to the police about having a restraining order against him.

Maximo added that as a gay man, he has trouble finding acceptance.

“I always struggle with the acceptance,” he said. “I’m not saying Michael does or does not, that’s a separate conversation. But I don’t know what his reasoning is.”

“I had gotten my brother and [his newborn son] Romeo matching tracksuits,” Maximo added. He explained that he tried to leave the gifts at an alternate entrance at his brother’s $1.8 million estate, but that the police instructed him to take the gifts with him.

Maximo added that he will donate the father-son tracksuits to a local charity.

“It’s still my brother, I love him,” Maximo added of Mike. “Maybe he’s going through something that I’m unaware of, I don’t know.”

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