Snooki Slammed for Lookalike Cheerleader Photo With Her Daughter

Nicole Snooki Polizzi

Getty Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi of Jersey Shore.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi clapped back at critics who accused her of “forcing” her young daughter to be a cheerleader.

Fans know that Polizzi is very into cheerleading. As a teen, the “Jersey Shore” star was a cheerleader for Marlboro High School in New York, and she told Us Weekly in 2010 that she likes to choreograph cheerleading competition routines and hopes to open her own cheerleading gym someday.

But after she posted on Instagram a side-by-side photo from her cheerleading days along with a pic of her 6-year-old daughter, Giovanna Lavelle, at her own cheerleading competition,  the MTV star defended herself against critics who think she forced her daughter into the sport.

Polizzi Defended Her Daughter’s Love for Cheerleading Over Other Activities

Polizzi’s side-by-sides featured her in her Marlboro High cheerleading outfit alongside Giovanna cheering as part of the Central Jersey Allstars. The photos show the mom and daughter in the same pose, each with a large bow atop her head and a smile to match.

In the caption to the post, Polizzi wrote, “Super blessed that my daughter shares the same passion for cheer like i do!”  Several of her “Jersey Shore” co-stars chimed in with comments.

“Omg twins,” wrote Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

“I never know which 1 is which,“ wrote Vinny Guadagnino.

“This is amazing,” added DJ Pauly D DelVecchio.

But other followers slammed Polizzi for getting her daughter into the sport at such a young age.

“Did she have a choice,” one commenter wrote of Giovanna. “Lol @snooki from what I remember you were having her trying to balance pretty early, then putting her in gymnastics.. buying mats etc… I mean..“

“Are you kidding?” Polizzi fired back. “I put her in a ton of sports and activities at an early age. Why are you mad?”

When another commenter on Instagram wrote, “Shared passion and being forced to do it from a young age are very different things…clearly living your dream through her still,” Polizzi clapped back at that comment too.

“I never forced her to do anything,” the mom of three replied. “I put her in dance and soccer. She prefers cheer and loves it.” She also called the commenter “literally the worst.”

According to Screenrant, Polizzi also addressed the haters via a message on her Instagram story.

“I wasn’t aware allowing my kid to play sports at a young age was a crime,” she said.

Polizzi Regularly Posts Cheerleading Pics of Her Daughter


This is not the first time Polizzi has shown off her daughter’s and cheerleading skills. In 2019, she shared a video to Instagram that showed her and  Giovanna doing matching pyramid stunts.

“IT HAPPENED. My dream come true. Both MAWMAS stunting together,” she captioned the clip.

And in January 2021, Polizzi posted a Tik Tok video of her and Giovanna recreating the famous “Spirit Fingers” dance scene from the 2000 cheerleading flick “Bring It On.”

She has also shared Instagram pics of medals Giovanna has won at cheerleading competitions. The “Jersey Shore” star captioned one recent photo with, “So so proud of my rockstar mawma killing it at cheer! Keep winning those medals and shining, my love.”

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