Kylie Jenner’s Ex Tyga Slams Latest Allegations

Getty Tyga and Kylie Jenner dated on and off for two years before she dated Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Tyga is denying claims made about his house. The 30-year-old rapper is being sued by his landlord for $200,000 for failure to pay rent and damaging a home he lived in for nearly a year, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.

The landlord is claiming Tyga owes him $32,000 in unpaid rent, according to documents obtained by TMZ. The landlord is also alleging that the rapper damaged the kitchen’s white oak flooring, costing $27,650, damaged the the marble flooring and counters, totaling $15,575, and damaged walls with murals and wallpapers, costing $102,160.

Additionally, the landlord said Tyga installed a basketball hoop in the driveway, causing more damage, according to documents obtained by TMZ. He also claimed the rapper got new locks on the house, and one destroyed the entry door. His landlord maintains that Tyga never had his permission to make any changes or new installations.

The unnamed landlord claimed he tried to settle the dispute earlier this year in May through mediation with the rapper. But Tyga didn’t want to deal with the matter and didn’t engage, according to TMZ. The landlord is suing for breach of contract and asking for over $200,000 in damages.

Tyga Is Denying the Claims

After the news against the rapper became public, Tyga took to social media to show his fans the current state of the house. The rapper posted a series of Instagram stories of an empty house. The first video spanned a room where he zoomed in on the walls and floors. He captioned the first video, “Where the damage,” with a smirky face emoji.

The second video spanned a different room with no appearing damage, captioned, “People gotta stop w the lies.” He added another video looking over a living room area with a fireplace, sink, and cabinets with the caption, “Looks nice to me,” with another smirky face emoji. For the last video, Tyga featured a room with tall windows overlooking green hills. He captioned the video, “Don’t play yourself.” He added a gif of Mr. Clean with the words, “Just say no to drugs.”

The “Rack City” rapper also took to Twitter and Instagram to deny the claims made against him. Tyga tweeted, “More,” with the baseball cap emoji. The tweet refers to the phrase, “more cap,” which means, “more lies.” He also tweeted a video of himself hanging out with five women. He captioned the video, “They said I can’t pay my rent…Guess I’ll just sleep outside…” with a man and house emoji.

Tyga Has Been Sued Before

While this is the most recent occasion that Tyga has been sued, it’s also not his first. In 2016, Tyga was sued by multiple landlords for breach of contract and unpaid rent, similar to the current accusations. The rapper was also sued by a jeweler in 2013. The two reached a $200,000 settlement after the jeweler claimed he never paid for a gold watch and chain, according to Page Six.

During his relationship with Kylie Jenner in 2018, Tyga also faced car troubles. His red Ferrari was repossessed by a repo man with a spare key in 2016, according to TMZ. At the time, Tyga was shopping with Jenner at a dealership for a Bentley for her.

Just a day after Tyga’s Ferrari got taken, Jenner made up for it. The Kylie Cosmetics founder bought her boyfriend at the time a brand new Bentley. Jenner showed off her gift via Snapchat, according to Us Weekly. “So, fake stories came out today,” she said, as recorded by Us Weekly. “The blogs almost ruined it and said me and T were at the Bentley dealership when really it was only me. And I had to lie to T and say, ‘I have no idea, T, what the story is. I was not at a Bentley dealership.’ But I was!”

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