Scott Disick’s Private Messages to Reality Star Got Leaked

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Scott Disick’s private direct messages may not be so private after all. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star recently messaged Megan Barton-Hanson from season four of Love Island asking about her time on the show.

Two years ago, Barton-Hanson immediately connected with fellow Love Island contestant Eyal Booker. The couple instantly hit it off, and they were the first Love Island couple to hook up in the Hideaway. But afterwards, Barton-Hanson realized she was only physically attracted to Booker. Barton-Hanson confessed her feelings to Booker, and after he asked for a second chance, she told him, “You’re not exactly Jim Carrey. I can’t have fun with myself.”

It’s been over two years since this interaction took place, and while both reality stars have seemingly moved on, Scott Disick now appears to have taken an interest in the matter.

Disick Messaged the ‘Love Island’ Star

Instagram/E!A screenshot from Megan Barton-Hanson’s Instagram Story.

Megan Barton-Hanson shared a screenshot to her Instagram Story that shows a message Disick allegedly DMed her on Instagram, as seen above, as recorded by E! “Hey I recently saw your program love island,” his message allegedly read. “I had a few questions for you about it. Let me know when your around to speak about it.”

Barton-Hanson replied a few hours later writing, “Hey you… what do you wanna know? X” The direct messages took a slight turn when instead of starting a casual conversation, Disick asked a plot question.

“I was recently introduced to a beautiful man, named Eyal,” the message allegedly read. “when i went to see what he’s done on tv, I was astonished by your behavior. to find you mugging him off, and taking full advantage of his unbelievably beautiful sense of humor, and vulnerability. i’m extremely disturbed that anybody could be so disrespectful to somebody for no good reason. i would like to know if you’d be willing to write him an apology.”

He reportedly ended his message writing, “the fact that you told him he wasn’t funny—when in fact, you are not jim Carey is absurd.” Barton-Hanson’s screenshot ended with Disick’s lengthy message, and she hasn’t acknowledged the conversation since.

When Barton-Hanson posted the screenshot to her Instagram Story, she added the caption, “Its not often I’m left speechless but… sorry!? What have I just read? Genuinely a little concerned about Scott tho.”

Disick Responded to the News

After news outlets started spreading the story, Disick seemed to enjoy the chatter. Disick posted a TikTok of someone reacting to the screenshot on his Instagram Story. In the video, as seen above, a TikTok creator is crying-laughing after reading what Disick sent Barton-Hanson.

The creator says, “This is the type of content I’m on social media for, because look at how funny this is.” After reading the direct messages, she says, “Scott Disick is literally the gift that just keeps on giving.”

Disick’s Comments May Have Something to Do With His New Love Interest

Since the Love Island season aired two years ago, it seems random at first that Disick is taking a new interest in the show. In the messages, Disick allegedly wrote, “I was recently introduced to a beautiful man, named Eyal.”

Eyal Booker has been dating Delilah Belle Hamlin since April 2019. Recently, Disick has been romantically linked to Delilah Hamlin’s sister, Amelia Gray Hamlin. Disick has been spending more time with the 19-year-old model, and he may have gotten to know her sister and her sister’s boyfriend, Booker.

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