WATCH: Kevin Hart’s Sam’s Club Super Bowl Commercial

kevin hart super bowl commercial video

Getty Comedian Kevin Hart talks to press before Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium on February 02, 2020 in Miami, Florida.

Kevin Hart starred in Sam’s Club’s first Super Bowl commercial in 2022. If you missed it, want to rewatch it or catch a sneak peak, you can watch his Super Bowl ad in a video here.

The ad shows Hart bragging about his VIP status and his classic self-deprecating humor. The comedian says the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app was created just for him, and says that with his stardom, he gets to scan items he wants to buy and skip the line. Watch the ad here or read on to watch Hart’s Super Bowl commercial in this post.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kevin Hart Stars in Sam’s Clubs’ First Ever Super Bowl Ad in 2022 & It Was Inspired By a Joke in One of Hart’s Standup Routines

Sam’s Club’s first Super Bowl ad was inspired by one of Hart’s standup routines, according to USA Today. The inspiration came from a Hart routine viewed by Sam’s Club’s creative team when he talks about the former Disney Fastpass service that allowed guests to skip the line.

“It’s an opportunity to poke fun at making life easier, simplifying but also feeling like there’s a hierarchy in your opportunity at hand,” Hart told USA TODAY Sports. “When you get a Fastpass or have an amusement park allowing you to bypass the line, a little bit of cocky comes with that. That’s the anchor of the joke in the idea. That VIP-like treatment, that scan-and-go and not dealing with a line, that’s what Sam’s Club realizes.”

Tony Rogers, chief member officer for Sam’s Club, told USA Today that the brand has “grown up over the years.”

“We haven’t been visible in this way ever,” Rogers said. “We feel like this is a brand that’s really grown up over the last few years and deserves a seat at the table with the other great brands you’ll see at the Super Bowl.”

Kevin Hart Dropped His Super Bowl Commercial on Instagram Two Weeks Ago & He Has Acted in Super Bowl Ads in the Past

You might have already seen Kevin Hart’s Super Bowl ad if you follow the comedian on Instagram.

“Me & my partners @samsclub just dropped our Super Bowl Commercial ….make sure y’all check it out. Scan & Go….Be a VIP like me!!!!” Hart wrote in the post January 31, 2022.

Rogers told USA Today that Hart’s likeability and his approach to humor works with Sam’s Club’s image.

“It’s energy,” says Rogers. “He has a really endearing kind of humility to go along with his fame. We just have fallen in love with that. We feel that combination of him being really good at what he does but also having this humble side to the point of being self-deprecating, it makes him really likable.”

Hart also starred in a 2016 Super Bowl ad that features his daughter on a first date. Hart gives her date the keys to his Hyundai, but uses the Car Finder feature to follow the young couple, popping up behind them in a movie theater, in a rack of stuffed animals at a carnival, and hanging from a helicopter at an overlook.

“You messing with the wrong daddy!” Hart shouts, dangling from a ladder of a helicopter.

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