‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Said Producers Wanted Him to Fit a Gay Stereotype

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A Love & Hip Hop star recently revealed that he has been released from his contract with Viacom/CBS, which means he won’t be on the show anymore. Jason Lee, who is the CEO of Hollywood Unlocked, even started a #FreeJasonLee hashtag on social media in efforts to be released from the contract so things worked in his favor. During an interview with Black Enterprise, he explained why he wanted out of his contract with the network and no longer wanted to be on the show.

“This is not where I’m at anymore in life,” he said. “I’ve evolved as an individual and as a brand. My company has grown. I have employees I’m responsible for, and I have met fans who tell me they look up to me and I just know they don’t look up to me throwing drinks on people, especially women.”

Lee, 43, added that the people behind the show wanted him to fit into a stereotype of a gay man that started trouble.

“I felt that Viacom had pigeonholed me into a stereotype,” Lee continued. “I don’t think they were able to see me for anything more than a gay messy blogger.”

He also said that there were conditions in his contract that were unacceptable to him, like the possibility that he could be sued if he spoke negatively about Viacom/CBS on his media platform Hollywood Unlocked.

“They actually put language in my contract that said that they could sue me for $2 million if I was to speak negatively about the network,” he said. “Well listen, I am a whole f****** media company. You want to censor me in order for me to come on your show and denigrate black people? That’s crazy! And so, I basically told them ‘no, I’m not coming back to the network under a gag order. I’m going to report what I see, when I see it, how I see it, [and] what I feel about it transparently.”

Jason Lee Said His Feelings Changed About Viacom/CBS After Nick Cannon’s Firing

Jason Lee already had a bad taste in mouth regarding Viacom/CBS but when Nick Cannon was fired over his “anti-Semitic” comments on his radio show on KPWR-FM.

“I felt a certain way [when] they let Nick Cannon go,” he told Black Enterprise. “I thought that was disrespectful to what he’s brought to the network. But it shows you how White people, when they own the s*** that you’re on, they feel like they can treat you any type of way they want [and] discard you when they’re done with you.”

While on Love & Hip Hop, Lee said that he wanted his story line to focus more on what he had been through in his life, like the heartbreaking death of his older brother, but producers weren’t open to that. He said that he was told that “the audience wasn’t sophisticated enough for that storyline.”

“I remember explaining to them early on, like, ‘Hey, I want to show more layers to me, like how my brother’s death has been a big part of my life.’” He added that what was primarily aired was “throwing drinks, fighting, destroying each other’s relationships, or our own.”

After being on seasons three, five and six of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, he said he grew weary of working with the show’s producers.

“When you know your value, you shouldn’t worry about what other people think or say,” he continued. “I got tired of Love and Hip Hop producers telling me who I was going to be and how I was going to do what I wanted to do.”

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