‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Puts Megan Thee Stallion on Blast

megan thee stallion, jason lee

Getty Megan Thee Stallion performs onstage during Day 2 of "Red Rocks Unpaused" 3-Day Music Festival.

A blogger who was known for his appearances on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood recently slammed Megan Thee Stallion on his new Instagram TV show. Jason Lee, who owns Hollywood Unlocked, called her “aggressive” during his IGTV show, Gagging With Jason Lee

During the last episode, he spoke about the “Girlz in the Hood” rapper’s behavior at Cardi B’s birthday party, saying Megan Thee Stallion was “drunk as hell” while confronting her former stylist, EJ King, over unfinished business. Lee then insinuated that based on the way she was acting, he believed her behavior could’ve provoked Tory Lanez to shoot her back in July.

“I’m telling you right now, she has a problem,” Lee said. “I’m telling you right now whatever happened with her and Tory, there’s more to the story. I’ve seen her in action. I’ve seen her be aggressive.”

Lee also said that he doesn’t see the rapper as a victim but as someone “who gets intoxicated and can’t handle her liquor.”

He added: “Maybe you jumped on Tory and he defended himself. He’s only 4-foot-3.” (He’s actually a foot taller than that, according to Showbiz CheatSheet.)

Lee also gave Lanez a word of advice regarding how he should proceed with the allegations against him:

You need to start building your story that you were being attacked and had to defend yourself because she was beating you up. Now I’m not here to say that’s what happened and I’m not here to condone shooting a woman because now she’s on this whole ‘Protect Black Women’ s***.  She’s trying to blend the lines between Breonna Taylor getting shot in her home and killed by the police while she was sleeping with her man and got up because she thought she was being robbed, and her probably drunk attacking her boyfriend like she attacked her stylist for wanting his money!

Watch Gagging With Jason Lee below.

Lee Tells Megan Thee Stallion Her Career Will Never Thrive Because ‘You’re in Your Own Way’

Lee also shared his opinion about where Megan Thee Stallion’s rap career is headed. In addition to calling her “young” and “naive,” Lee said he feels her career will not reach the heights of other famous female artists.

“You’ll never be a Cardi B. You’ll never be a Beyonce. You’ll never be a Rihanna,” he said. “You’ll never be at the level that you aspire to be because you’re in your own way.”

He also said he called Megan Thee Stallion to get her side of the story but she didn’t answer his call.

Tory Lanez Has Been Charged With Shooting Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion Tory Lanez

GettyMegan thee Stallion and Tory Lanez.

According to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, Lanez has been charged with “one felony count each of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, personal use of a firearm, and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle.” If he is convicted, he “faces a possible maximum sentence of 22 years and eight months in state prison.”

In September, an industry source exclusively told Heavy that Lanez accidentally shot the “WAP” rapper after they left Kylie Jenner’s home.

“Every insider to this situation knows it was an accident, not intentional,” the source told us. “Megan wasn’t directly hit with a bullet, it was shards of bullet fragments from one shot that ricocheted.”

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