These 2 Reality Stars Had Heated Argument First Time They Met

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Natalie Nunn and Tommie Lee had a heated exchange on social media just a few weeks after it was announced they would be participating in a celebrity boxing match. Before they got to get in the ring, they ended up having a yelling match while on Instagram Live and throwing insults at each other.

“You need a real BBL and some Lipo, b****,” Lee said to Nunn during the Instagram Live.

She also said: “I told you, b****, You should be my friend instead of trying to be my enemy. You know you don’t want that. We know you don’t want that, b****.”

The former Bad Girls Club star then poked at Lee regarding her heavy drinking in the past, which was addressed during him time on Love & Hip Hop.

“I get to the bag, you get to the bottle,” Nunn jabbed. “Girl, this is not Love And Hip Hop. Do not come into the set drunk. You gon get knocked the f*** out. I give you thirty seconds or less.”

In the comment section of a Reality TV Source Instagram post that shared a clip of their argument, Love & Hip Hop star MariahLynn chimed in.

“She must not know how Newark girls got them hands 😹 we been fighting all our lives and she couldn’t never beat you, that just the obvious,” she commented.

Another follower in the comment section said they think their argument is staged to build some anticipating around their upcoming boxing match. Nunn and Lee have never met each other.

“I don’t even think this is real lol they faking it to build the hype for this ‘fight,” they wrote.

See their heated argument below.

Natalie Nunn Already Boxes 3 to 4 Times a Week

Natalie Nunn is no rookie when it comes to boxing. During an interview with The Jasmine Brand, she explained that boxing is included in her fitness routine.

“I do have a trainer,” Nunn said. “A world class trainer that I just do the workout [with] three to four times a week.”

Nunn also implied that she wasn’t anticipating taking any losses during she and Lee’s March 2021 celebrity boxing match.

“Somebody is going to get knocked the f***** out and it ain’t gon be Natalie Nunn,” Nunn laughed.

Nunn has an athletic background, having played sports when she attended the University of Southern California. Nunn said that due to her competitive spirit and the six-figure pay day she was offered by Zeus Network to have the fight, she plans on treating this like a genuine boxing match.

“There’s a six-figure deal for her and there’s a six-figure deal for me,” she said. “I am an athlete. I am a competitor. I am a USC graduate. I played soccer, I ran track. This is not a game. If you want to get in the ring and fight with me…This is not Love & Hip Hop. This is not Bad Girls Club. This is going to be a boxing match.”

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