Lucianne Goldberg Now: Where Is the Literary Agent Today?

lucianne goldberg now

Getty Lucianne Goldberg and Monica Lewinsky

Lucianne Goldberg is a conservative literary agent who was an important player in the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal because she urged Pentagon civil servant Linda Tripp to tape her conversations with Lewinsky about the president.

Goldberg’s role in the saga was resurrected by ABC in 2019 in a two-hour documentary called Truth and Lies, and she plays a key role in the new FX series, Impeachment: American Crime Story, which chronicles the saga of Lewinsky, Tripp, and the president.

She was a conservative literary agent at the time. “In the 1980s and 90s, Goldberg promoted several conservative party tell-all books such as Senatorial Privilege: The Chappaquiddick Cover-up by Leo Damore,” wrote PBS.

Where is Lucianne Goldberg today? What has her life been like since the Clinton drama?

Here’s what you need to know:

Lucianne Goldberg Is Publisher of a Web Forum That Rounds Up News Articles

lucianne goldberg

TwitterLucianne Goldberg’s Twitter profile picture.

Goldberg runs a conservative news forum at that is a round-up of articles she considers “must reads.”

It’s still active. For example, on September 7, it featured headlines like, “Biden AG Merrick Garland pledges to fight against Texas pro-life law,” and “Taliban paints humiliating murals on former U.S. embassy in Afghanistan. Thanks, Joe Biden.”

Her website calls itself a “news salon.”

“Lucianne.Com News Forum is a News Salon – – NOT a Saloon,” it reads. “Please, post only news articles, columns and commentary from legitimate, on-line newspapers, magazines and/or news websites. We prefer articles no older than 48 hours – – – unless an older article would serve as vital background for a current posted article.”

She has remained critical of the Clintons throughout the years. In 2017, she trashed Hillary Clinton, writing, “One of the abiding mysteries of politics today is not why people don’t like Hillary Clinton but why they like her. She’s a bore. She’s not funny. She’s mean spirited and bitter. Don’t get it. Never have.” She also wrote: “Oh dear. Charles Blow of the NYT sez we can’t be his friend if we like Trump. Was wondering how to get rid of him.”

Lucianne Goldberg faced withering criticism after her role in the taping controversy became known. In 1998, she told The Observer, “…I’m annoyed by when people say ‘Lucianne is exhilarated.’ I am angry and my anger sometimes comes out. Now I sound like Kathleen Willey, because she said when she’s nervous she sounds ‘exuberant.’ I’m not nervous. I’m determined because I think that our side is right, that some really nasty stuff has gone down, and Linda Tripp tried to tell the world about it, and then she had to go into hiding and I was left out there with the information. And I have not lied to anyone about anything.”

In 2004, the U.S. Marines pulled an ad from Lucianne’s website.

Goldberg’s Son, Jonah Goldberg, Was a Leading Conservative Voice Against Donald Trump’s Presidency & Lucianne Spoke Out on the Presidential Election

Although Lucianne Goldberg has receded somewhat from the public eye over the years, her son, Jonah Goldberg, has taken a front-and-center role when it comes to conservative commentary in the United States. In 2018, The Washington Post described him as “Jonah Goldberg…now a leading voice of anti-Trump conservatism.” Jonah Goldberg is an author, columnist, and editor.

In 2021, he serves as editor-in-chief of The Dispatch, a conservative site. His Los Angeles Times bio says, “Jonah Goldberg is editor in chief of the Dispatch and has been a Los Angeles Times Opinion columnist since 2005. He holds the Asness Chair in Applied Liberty at the American Enterprise Institute. He was previously senior editor at National Review, where he had worked for two decades. He remains a fellow of the National Review Institute. He is a weekly columnist for The Times, a Fox News contributor and a regular member of the ‘Fox News All-Stars’ on ‘Special Report with Bret Baier.’ Goldberg appears regularly on NPR’s ‘Morning Edition’ and is the author of three New York Times bestsellers, the most recent of which is “Suicide of the West.” He lives in Washington, D.C.”

In 2016, Lucianne Goldberg spoke out on a program called Aaron Klein Investigative Radio about the presidential election. She suggested the election would become “highly sexed.” According to the conservative website Breitbart, she said of Bill Clinton’s accusers (whom Donald Trump highlighted during the presidential election against Hillary Clinton), “I believed every one of these women. … They were telling you the truth.”

You can listen to the radio broadcast here.

Goldberg Called Bill Clinton a ‘Charming Hick’

Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton

GettyMonica Lewinsky’s story is reexamined in ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story.’

Goldberg also discussed her role in the scandal in a lengthy interview with PBS.

“The sense was him being a used car salesman,” she said of Bill Clinton in that interview. “There’s a sense of a guy being a charming hick. He was loathed because, first place, I think we’ve all known somebody like Bill Clinton and we don’t want them to be President of our country. I think it took us a long time to get to know him, and it didn’t mean we liked him any better once we got to know him. And the wife was terrifying as well. So it was a double header.”

She discussed meeting Linda Tripp:

“I found her very intense. See a lot of people don’t know this — I only saw her twice in my life, you know. I never, never– was not her friend, and suddenly I’m thrown out there as her very best friend forever.

But she was very serious about her job. She was very serious about working at the White House. It was an enormous honor to her. She had worked there for Bush 41, and she had been Tony’s secretary when he was there. She was more than a secretary. She was like office manager, and the speechwriters thing, and then she stayed on when Clinton came in, and she was absolutely– she was an army brat, she was dedicated, she was serious about her job, and she was horrified about the Clintons. She was just appalled, and she wanted to write about it.”

Goldberg added, “Well sure, she was taping it, but I mean she would have been asking those questions whether she was taping it or not. She genuinely cared about Monica, but there was one– if I may speak for her, again, there was one overriding emotion, and that was what Bill Clinton was doing and, I’m telling you, this was an angry woman.”

Lucianne’s Other Son Died in a Fall

Born in 1935, Lucianne Goldberg married Sidney Goldberg in 1966 and had two children with him. Her husband died in 2005.

In 2011, her son Joshua Goldberg died young from a fall. He was involved in editing his mother’s websites, according to American Thinker. In a eulogy, Jonah Goldberg wrote that Josh was a lot like Lucianne: “He got his fearlessness and irreverence from her, and his stubbornness too.”

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