MAFS: Virginia Reveals If She & Erik Are Still Together

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Lifetime "Married at First Sight" star Virginia Coombs responded to rumors about her marriage to Erik Lake.

“Married at First Sight” star Virginia Coombs responded to rumors about her marriage to Erik Lake. Gossip swirled that the couple was on the outs after she was supposedly spotted without her engagement ring while partying in Atlanta without her pilot husband, who was working.

Virginia took to Instagram to confirm that she and Erik were indeed still together and claimed that she never took off her ring. The reason why she’s not wearing the same piece of jewelry viewers saw her wear on “Married at First Sight” was because she didn’t like it. Instead, she now dons the ring that Erik gave her for Valentine’s Day. Virginia also wears the silicone ring her husband gave her when he asked Virginia to be his wife on Decision Day.

“My wedding ring never comes off,” she wrote on her Instagram story May 17. “…Not trying to rush into picking out a ‘real’ one and I still use my silicone ones from Decision Day to work out and whatnot.”

At the request of fans, Virginia shared a post of the ring provided to her by the “Married at First Sight” team. She said she wouldn’t be sharing any more posts about her rings.

“Thanks for all the love,” Virginia wrote. “Erik and I appreciate it.”

Virginia & Erik Made Their Instagram Pages Public

Before Decision Day aired on Lifetime May 12, the cast members of season 12 all had their profiles private. Once everyone revealed if they were going to remain married or get a divorce, most of the stars made their accounts public, including Virginia and Erik.

Virginia shared a picture with Erik that read, “Taking our relationship to new heights.” Erik added in the comment section: “1,000 feet AGL to be exact. 😂 That was a good day.”

On his page, Erik shared a picture from an unseen party where the season 12 cast dressed up for Jacob’s birthday. “You guys didn’t have the pleasure of seeing Jake’s 80’s themed birthday bash,” the pilot wrote on May 16. “Haha! Although it didn’t make the cut for the show, it was a fun one for sure!”

Some Fans Thought Virginia Was Cheating on Erik

Some netizens on Reddit accused Virginia of cheating on Erik after she was spotted at an Atlanta club without him. They accused her of dancing with another man.

“Soooo is she dating the guy she was seen with at the club yesterday then 😅 (if that’s true, still not confirmed)” one viewer asked.

While some people were quick to accused Virginia of cheating, others asked viewers to stop spreading rumors. “I wouldn’t like it if someone was posting pictures and videos and saying I was grinding up on guys at the club to my husband,” they said.

“Could we move on and let these 2 get on with their relationship?” another wrote. “If she is cheating the truth would definitely come out. Repeatedly trying very hard to desperately be right so their marriage can break is what I don’t understand.”

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