Who Got Unmasked on The Masked Singer Finale? Live Recap

The Masked Singer

FOX The Masked Singer airs on Fox.

Season 5 of Fox’sThe Masked Singer” has been a huge hit with audiences around the country, as the show seems to grow more popular and attract bigger celebrities with each time around.

Season 5 of “The Masked Singer” has featured celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner, Danny Trejo, Bobby Brown and Hanson. It also had Kermit the Frog make an appearance for judging panel Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke.

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the season 5 finale of “The Masked Singer,” which aired on Wednesday, May 26, 2021. If you do not want the finale spoiled, do not read on. 

Who Got Unmasked on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 5 Finale?

Chameleon was up first alongside the final clue packages: the clues included a glam squad as well as the Chameleon himself saying that he signed up to be on “The Masked Singer” because he and his kid love the show. He also called himself a game-changer before performing “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio for his finale song.

Black Swan said she was known around the world before she got her driver’s license but still has stage fright. She also said she was looking at “The Masked Singer” as a way to get over that fear and get back to basics and sing good songs. She also said she had to cancel her tour in 2020.

Paid he was “one of the first people to open up my life to the public” without any filters. He said “The Masked Singer” has been about challenging himself and “leaving no stone unturned.” He also mentioned having kids.

The third-place finisher of season five was revealed to be the Chameleon, which meant that he would be unmasked first. McCarthy thought the singer was Gucci Mane (though she originally thought he was Denzel Washington,) Thicke thought the singer was Wiz Khalifa as did Scherzinger, and Jeong thought it was Two Chainz.

Behind the mask, Chameleon was Wiz Khalifa. 

The second-place finisher was The Black Swan. The panelists’ guesses for The Black Swan were all over the place. Robin Thicke thought the singer was Normani, McCarthy thought it was Monica, Jeong said The Black Swan was Demi Lovato, Scherzinger said that it was JoJo, and Rimes said she thought it was JoJo as well.

Behind the mask, The Black Swan was JoJo. 

The winner was The Piglet.

Guesses for the Piglet included Brian Littrell, Nick Lachey and Jeremy Renner.

The piglet was revealed to be Nick Lachey, meaning McCarthy would be taking home the Golden Ear once again.

Who Were the Guesses Leading Up to the Finale?

Guesses for the remaining three contestants were all over the place, but clues for The Black Swan seemed to point to JoJo Levesque. Fans believe that clues pointing to Levesque include a mention of the “Hollywood Deal,” her two albums, rejecting a backpack with “Montana” on it (which fans believe pointed to JoJo rejecting the role of Hannah Montana).

For the Chameleon, fans and panelists guessed that the singer under the mask was Wiz Khalifa. The clues pointing that way included coming from a military family, his extraordinary height, and having a plate of hot wings (Wiz Khalifa has a restaurant line that features wings, called Hot Box by Wigz.)

When it comes to Piglet, fans and panelists all agreed that the singer has a background in a Boy Band. While the panelists thought he might be Lance Bass, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean or Kevin Richardson, there were also plenty of clues that he’s actually Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. At one point, the clue said “Piglet knows how to stay cool, even in the heat,” and the Piglet has also caught touchdowns from NFL player Dan Marino, which Lachey did in a 2004 MTV special.

Deadline reported on May 17, 2021 that “The Masked Singer” had officially been renewed for an additional season by Fox.

While that may be the case, it’s not clear at the time of writing when, exactly, the show will return. It will, however, air in the fall on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. It will be followed by Fox’s new show, “Alter Ego.”

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