Nelson Thomas & Cory Wharton Are Jealous or Insecure, Cast Member Claims

Cory Wharton Nelson Thomas

MTV Cory Wharton and Nelson Thomas

In the last couple of weeks on “The Challenge,” things began heating up between the veterans of the show as fans had hoped and viewers saw two longtime competitors clash in nominations. Ashley Mitchell and Cory Wharton appeared together on “The Real World: Ex-Plosion, were partners early on for “Rivals III” and have always seemed to work on the same alliances but that went out the window two episodes ago and Ashley recently opened up about it.

The two-time champ said she thinks Cory and Nelson Thomas going after her in nominations, including some rather personal shots, stems from “insecurity or jealousy.” She explained, “It’s like a lot of times people that you’ve known for a while don’t root for you as much as strangers, and that’s because they’re stuck at the same place that you were and you’ve moved on,” she told Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio on his podcast.

I’ve got the championship twice, and they never have even though they started at the same time as me, they’ve worked in the same alliances as me, and they’ve never got that W. So I think honestly, deep, deep down inside, I don’t see another way besides it just being a bit of insecurity or jealousy.

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Ashley Said Cory & Nelson Have Turned On Each Other More Than She Has

Bananas asked why Cory and Nelson were the ones to push the narrative that Ashley has the reputation of being a snake despite the “Invasion of the Champions” winner having worked with the two in the past. He also pointed out that on “Final Reckoning,” Ashley was with the Lavender Ladies alliance while Cory and Nelson were in the TYB alliance, with the alliances working closely together.

Ashley replied that she’s not sure why Cory doesn’t trust her “ever since the Hunter thing” but added that Hunter Barfield and Cory hardly talk now anyway. She said on “Invasion,” there were two big groups at the beginning and she and Cory were on opposite sides despite being partners previously and maybe he took it personally. She said she always sees him as a brother and has never targeted him with the exception of two episodes ago when it was either her or Cory getting voted in.

“Cory and Nelson have turned on each other more than I have,” she added. “I mean they tried to take each other out before a final on ‘Invasion’ and I’ve never done that to either of them. The worst thing I’ve done to either of them is what I just did on the last episode, which was just fight for my right to stay in. I didn’t do any low blows, I didn’t say anything personal about him.”

Ashley Said Cory Should Be More Focused on CT Tamburello Instead of Her as She Could Help Cory Win a Final Whereas CT Is His Competition

Ashley also told Bananas that she doesn’t think it makes sense for him to target her when CT Tamburello is still in the game because CT beat Cory in more than one final before. She said she and Cory worked well together in the past and she would be able to help him in a final, especially with the puzzles aspect, so Cory should be going after his competition rather than a strong female competitor that would be able to help if they were partners in a final.

Ashley also spilled that she and CT had already talked about trying to switch partners later in the season to be able to run a final together. That’s why she didn’t mind that Cory and Nelson didn’t target CT but told Bananas that she was surprised by it.

Ashley didn’t give many details about where her friendships with Nelson and Cory stand now but she did reveal that Nelson apologized to her after their argument during nominations.

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