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The past two episodes of The Challenge: Double Agents have been filled with drama, a lot of it centering on Tori Deal’s elimination from the show and rumors of her flirtation with Fessy Shafaat, who admitted during his confessionals that he found her attractive. In an appearance on the Reality NSFW podcast, two-time champ Ashley Mitchell opened up about her return to the house and made some comments about the rumors surrounding Tori and Fessy.

The comments were made when Ashley confirmed that she made out with Fessy Shafaat, a kiss that was caught on camera, but she said it was a drunk moment and she doesn’t have feelings for him. Ashley then went on to speak about how she felt that Tori and her friend Aneesa Ferreira both treated her differently after she kissed Fessy and she felt some “animosity” from them.

Since the fourth episode of the show aired, Tori and Fessy have been plagued with rumors that Tori cheated on her fiance Jordan Wiseley with Fessy while on Double Agents, something that Tori has vehemently denied.

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Ashley Spoke About the Rumors Between Tori & Fessy & Whether She Saw Anything Going On in the House

On the Reality NSFW podcast, Ashley was asked if Tori was single on the show and she said, “No, she had her ring on, everyone thought she was with Jordan.” She said, “when I got back in the house, that was one of the dramas everyone wanted to run and tell me like ‘oh my god, they’ve been all over each other you won’t believe it.'”

She said she was happy to hear it would be Tori and Aneesa going against each other because, “they were kind of acting a little shady after [the kiss with Fessy], cause I didn’t really know that him and Tori would have fallen in freaking love I guess from the way he’s speaking about it, cause I wasn’t in the house.” She said she heard that they were flirting with each other and “giving each other massages.”

During the fourth episode of the show, Fessy talked about his attraction to Tori in his confessional and in return, Tori was seen helping Fessy out by agreeing to throw him into the elimination against Nelson. Following the episode, many fans took to social media to speculate about whether there was more to the breakup than initially thought. Tori denied the rumors in an appearance on the Chicks in the Office podcast, Tori said:

Me and Jordan were on the rocks for a lot longer than people know, and we had broken up before The Challenge [Double Agents] for a little bit. I really, really begged him to stay with me. I was like, ‘Let’s try to work it out,’ and we had this moment where we were like, ‘All right, I’m going to go on the show, you’re going to stay home. Let’s see what happens, let’s see if this distance will help us.’

Tori also addressed the speculation about Fessy and said she wasn’t aware that he was interested in her but they spoke about it after filming. She stated that nothing happened on the show and there was no way they could have kept a fling under wraps in the house. The Are You the One? alum and Fessy have since been spotted on vacation together in Turks and Caicos although neither has addressed it, with Fessy saying they are “just friends” on his Patreon.

Ashley Returned to ‘The Challenge’ During the 5th Episode After Being Eliminated Earlier This Season

The first episode of the show saw two-time champion Ashley get sent home when she faced Natalie Anderson in an elimination. However, following injuries to two female competitors and Natalie having to withdraw from the game for personal reasons, producers of The Challenge decided to get Ashley back into the house and paired up with Natalie’s partner, Cory Wharton.

After her elimination in the first episode, Ashley spoke to Heavy about losing to Natalie: “Natalie from Survivor, she’s probably one of the strongest girls on reality TV in the United States ever. She just got second place on Survivor: Winners at War. To be honest, I didn’t beat myself up [over losing to Natalie]. At least I went home to the queen.”

She also said at the time that she wasn’t planning on retiring from The Challenge as she has goals of becoming known as the most successful female competitor. She said although she’s won more money than any other female cast member, she also wants the record for most Challenge wins:

There are girls that have won three times, even though they have not won as much money as me, and that’s one of my main goals. I definitely want to be the girl who’s won the most times, three times with the most money. I mean, four times would be great, but I am getting older. I definitely want to be the girl that has won the most.

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