Tula ‘Big T’ Fazakerley Says Her Challenge Costar Is a ‘Compulsive Liar’

Tula Big T Fazakerley

MTV Tula Big T Fazakerley

Big Brother star and rookie on The Challenge: Double Agents Amber Borzotra has recently become a divisive figure in the house after she seemed to start putting her Big Brother alliance ahead of her rookie girls’ alliance in the last episode. Amber Martinez and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley spoke about Amber B.’s latest moves in a recap video following the ninth episode and called Amber B. a “compulsive liar.”

During the episode recap, the two girls and Amber M.’s cousin Kimmy Gutierrez discussed Amber M. confronting Amber B. and saying, “If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s fake b****es and I feel like you fall into that category.” The confrontation came about after Amber M. said the Big Brother star lied to her and said she didn’t vote for her when she actually had.

Big T said that it’s fine for people to change alliances but, “it becomes hurtful when you start pulling at people’s heartstrings,” and said as an example that Amber B. was telling Amber M. that she cares about her and loves her while betraying her behind her back. “It starts to feel a bit like emotional manipulation.”

Later in the episode recap, Big T was looking at her phone and said, “So I’m just hearing more about Amber’s lies. It just gets to a point where… when someone is compulsively lying and the game is over, like why are you still doing this?” Kimmy said that maybe Amber B. will watch the season and see her behavior and become a “better person,” to which Big T replied, “I don’t know, I just think that some people are just compulsive liars.”

She also told Amber M. and Kimmy that she was getting information from a “source” that Amber B. was spreading lies about her, but did not elaborate on that subject.

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In a Previous Recap, Amber M. Called Amber B. a ‘Fake B****’ for Being Dishonest About Voting for Her

In one of Amber M.’s previous recaps, the rookie said she was shocked to learn that Amber B. had voted for her to go into elimination with her partner Mechie Harris during the episode where Mechie was eventually sent home. She said she thought of Amber B. as one of her closest friends in the house and believed the rookie alliance was stronger than her Big Brother ties.

When watching the episode, Amber M. said, “Seeing Amber make that comment about us rookie girls versus her Big Brother alliance, like I respect it. I respect you’re playing your game and you have to do what you have to do, but next time, just let a girl know cause then we won’t go so hard for you.”

When she saw that Amber B. voted for her, the Are You the One? alum’s cousin Kimmy said if she truly didn’t want either team to go in like she said, she could have burned her vote. Amber M. added, “Yeah, a burn vote, you ever heard of that Miss Big Brother? Fake b****.”

Big T Is Paired Up With Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello & Still Needs to Get Her Gold Skull to Be Eligible for the Final

Big T is currently paired up with CT Tamburello and the two both still need their gold skulls to qualify for the final challenge. Although they won a daily challenge earlier this season, the pair used the power to throw in Tori Deal against Aneesa Ferreira and they have not won a daily challenge since.

The house has also so far avoided voting the team in for fear of giving CT the chance of getting his gold skull and choosing a more physical partner.

Big T is on her third season of The Challenge after appearing on War of the Worlds 2 and Total Madness. She’s shown good strategy and political moves this season, creating an alliance with the rookie females, but the gold skull twist means she’ll have to prove herself physically to have a chance at winning the final.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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