Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello Blasted by Castmate: ‘F****** D***’

Chris 'CT' Tamburello

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Chris “CT” Tamburello is beloved by many fans of “The Challenge” but it’s fair to say some of his cast members don’t always feel the same way about the five-time champion.

As fans might recall, CT got his reality TV debut on “The Real World: Paris,” where he clashed with one of his co-stars, Leah Gillingwater. Their issues carried over to “The Challenge” as both appeared on “The Inferno.” During Leah’s elimination, she was on the receiving end of many negative comments yelled at her by CT and eventually lost the matchup.

Leah returned to “The Challenge” universe for “All Stars 2” and spoke about her feelings toward CT today during a recent podcast appearance on “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast” with Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal. Aneesa asked Leah what CT was like back in the day and Leah replied, “He’s from Boston, he’s a f****** d*** and I didn’t have high hopes for him because I never looked at him like that,” she said of his lengthy “Challenge” career.

“He was not kind, he treated me like s*** on ‘The Inferno’,” she continued and said Coral Smith was an “advocate” for her on the show. Leah said she knows he’s a father now and “you can’t bash a parent,” but said again, “he’s a f****** d***.” She said if there was ever a “Challenge” today where she was paired with CT, “I think he would probably smother me in my sleep and be like, ‘she just happened to die.'” She clarified:

I wish him nothing but the best. I truly do, I want him to thrive and succeed and be an amazing dad and a husband… But there’s a part of me that’s a little bit bitter that’s like… ‘b**** call me.’

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Leah Previously Addressed Her Past With CT Before ‘All Stars 2’ Aired

Leah addressed her difficult past with CT after the cast was announced for “All Stars 2,” telling Us Weekly that she decided to return after speaking with Kendal Sheppard. She told the publication, “I am extremely fit. I am very strong. I wanted to make, like, a physical comeback because C.T. shamed me and kinda verbally beat the s*** out of me [on ‘Inferno’].”

As viewers might recall, Leah yelled at CT to “shut the f*** up” at the time and she said she doesn’t regret it. That said, she said she doesn’t have “bad blood” toward her “Real World: Paris” co-star but she doesn’t know how she’d feel about seeing him in person again.

“I would come in with open arms but he was verbally not kind at all,” she explained. “That resonates with me. … He’s a character, I suppose, in some ways. I don’t think that he would come up warmly and be like, ‘Hey, Le, I’m really sorry.’ I don’t think he would do that. I mean, he should.”

Ryan Kehoe Also Slammed CT Recently During His Own Appearance on the Podcast

Leah isn’t CT’s only former co-star who spoke out against the “Challenge” legend recently, as Ryan Kehoe also told Aneesa and Tori during his time on their podcast, “He’s such a f****** tool.” He said he gives CT credit for his wins and believes they’re deserved but doesn’t think very highly of him as a person. “I find him to be the most vile human being in the world,” he shared.

Ryan acknowledged that he hasn’t seen CT in a long time, with their last meeting coming at Diem Brown’s memorial service in 2014. On that occasion, Ryan described CT as “kind” and “emotional.” The “All Stars 2” competitor said he thinks CT has the capacity to be a good person but he hasn’t seen it very often. “I don’t like him, I really don’t. I don’t like him,” he spilled.

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