Cory Wharton Announces His Plan for ‘The Challenge’ Season 38

Cory Wharton

Instagram "Teen Mom OG" and "The Challenge" overlapped with Cory Wharton, who left his daughter Ryder to compete for $1 million.

This week on “The Challenge,” one of the veterans who’s been on the show the longest was eliminated from “Spies, Lies and Allies.” Cory Wharton, who came onto the show for his 9th season, was sent home by rookie Logan Sampedro and has now been on nine shows and made four finals without winning the competition.

After his elimination, he joined some of his castmates and host Devyn Simone on “The Challenge Aftermath” and revealed that he will be taking a break from the show for a while, but he didn’t specify if it would be for just one season or more.

“I’m gonna take a break for a little while,” he said. “I wanna have that fight, I wanna have fun, I want to wanna be in the Challenge house. I think this season for me, my head was somewhere else and so it showed in my gameplay.”

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Cory Also Revealed That He Checked Out a Little Bit After Losing the 1st Round of the Elimination

Cory Confronts Josh Over His Snake Behavior 🐍 | The Challenge: AftermathIn episode 13 of The Challenge Aftermath, Devyn Simone welcomes the cast of The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies for an exclusive in-depth look at this week’s episode. Cory confronts Josh on betraying his only two friends walking into the game. Logan reveals the secret weapon that helped him win the elimination and Tori reacts…2021-11-04T01:30:01Z

During the after-show, the cast members also revealed that the elimination took a really long time, much longer than viewers got to see. Cory said the first round alone was maybe 20 to 30 minutes and called Logan a “beast” with great balance. The Spanish rookie edged out the win thanks to his balance, which he likely got from being a surfer while Cory revealed that it was difficult with only one of his ACLs still intact in his knee.

Cory admitted that after losing the first round, he checked out a little bit. “I started to think about my daughters and things like that,” he said, referencing his daughter Ryder, who he shares with Cheyenne Floyd, and Mila, his younger daughter with his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge. “I’m getting phone calls from Cheyenne telling me like, hey, I need you home,” he added. “Taylor’s missing me, so like all this pressure, I’m like damn. I’m mad because I gave up on myself a little bit.”

On the “Death, Taxes and Bananas” podcast with Johnny Bananas, Cory opened up a bit more about the season and said that it was really difficult to feel like the house was being run by “vets” who joined the game a lot later than him, like Josh Martinez. He said it was a really difficult pill to swallow and he didn’t want to follow those people.

Cory Previously Revealed That He’d Like to Keep Competing for a Long Time But Wants to Take More Breaks

Cory’s decision to take a break shouldn’t come as a complete shock to fans of the reality star as he previously told Aneesa Ferreira after “The Challenge: Double Agents” that he wants to take some more breaks between seasons. On “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast,” Aneesa asked Cory if he thought about retiring and he said no without hesitating.

“Obviously at some point I see myself retiring,” he added, but several competitors who are older than him are still doing well. “For me now, it’s like, there’s nothing more that I can really accomplish except for winning. I think that’s the next step in order for me to cement my legacy… I need to just win.”

He said he loves being a part of “The Challenge,” and “until they wanna stop having me, I’m gonna keep coming,” but it’s becoming difficult to do consecutive seasons because of his children. He said his plan is to take time off between seasons to avoid missing too much of his daughters’ lives.

Something that I realized is that money can’t buy time with your kids. Like when I came home [from Double Agents], Mila it took her couple months to fully respond to me the way that I wanted her to respond to me, cause we were gone for so long. It kinda messed me up a little bit. Right there I just knew, ok well, maybe I’ll do the next one, but then let’s take a break.

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