Cory Wharton Shaded: ‘You Sucked’ at The Challenge

Cory Wharton

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Cory Wharton of “The Challenge” and “Teen Mom” fame recently announced that he will be stepping into the ring to face “Too Hot to Handle” star Chase DeMoor in a boxing match on July 30 and the two reality stars have already started trash talking each other.

Cory posted a video on Instagram showing himself training for the fight and took the opportunity to fire a few shots at Chase, starting the video by saying, “I feel like this dude’s a clout chaser, that’s what he wants, he wants to do this for the women, he wants to do this for the followers, you know what I mean? I’m doing this for myself.”

Cory also said he wanted to show people that he’s “bigger than just reality TV.” He added, “This is my first boxing match. I wanna go in there, knock Chase out, show people that I’m nice, I’m composed, he’s got good fundamentals.” He concluded, “My guy is from ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ That’s a Netflix show. Listen to the name, ‘Too Hot to Handle’. I’m about to show you, it’s going down baby.” Here is Cory’s video:

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Chase Shared a Video Responding to Cory & Shaded the ‘Challenge’ Star

Chase posted a video of his reaction on TikTok and trashed Cory’s training clip, writing in the caption, “Yall whos man is this ?” with a crying laughing emoji. He wrote, “someone come get him, @Cory Wharton bro need to take a class on [s***] talking.” In the video, Chase laughed, “Is this your man? Somebody come get him, look at this.”


Yall whos man is this ? 😂 someone come get him, @Cory Wharton bro need to take a class on 💩 talking

♬ original sound – Chase DeMoor 👑

His video then showed the clip of Cory saying Chase is only fighting for clout and women, then cut to a clip of Cory on “Battle of the Bloodlines” dancing with Jenna Compono and describing how Jenna was dancing against him and he leaned back and fell, then pulled Jenna down with him.

Chase then reacted to those clips, “You know what I’m saying? If you’re gonna fall in the club after getting danced on, you can’t pull the girls with you dog. It doesn’t work like that.” The video then moved on to Cory saying he wanted to prove that he’s bigger than reality TV, to which Chase replied, “Oh you’re not bigger than anything. You’re 5’11”. Chill out.”

In response to Cory saying he’s going to knock out Chase, the Netflix star replied, “Your girl wants to wear high heels around you but we both know that’s not gonna happen either.” Chase’s last dig came after Cory brought up the Netflix show “Too Hot to Handle” and Chase clapped back, “Oh, was that the number one show on Netflix? Or was it the 30-something seasons of ‘The Challenge’ that you also sucked at?”

The 2 Reality Stars Will Be Going Head-to-Head on July 30

The two reality stars will be competing on the “NO MORE TALK” card taking place July 30th at the arena in Los Angeles.

Many of Cory’s “Challenge” co-stars have been hyping up their cast mate in the comments of his posts, with Brad Fiorenza, Lio Rush, Kam Williams, Jay Starrett, Paulie Calafiore and Mark Long among the MTV stars who’ve expressed their support.

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