‘The Challenge’ Cast Members Defend Co-Star’s Game Move

The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies cast

MTV The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies cast

The third episode of “The Challenge” finished with a bang thanks to Tacha Akide’s powerful exit speech calling out veteran Tori Deal and the “Spies, Lies and Allies” cast members and fans have been speaking up in support of either Tacha or Tori. The “Are You the One?” star was called out by rookie Tacha who was upset that Tori came to her room to ask who she wanted to face in elimination and then didn’t choose that person.

Tori and her partner Ed Eason formed the Agency when they won the mission and they chose Berna Canbeldek and Corey Lay to go into elimination against Jeremiah White and Tacha, who’d been voted in by the house earlier in the episode. Before the elimination, Tori asked Tacha who she wanted to face in elimination and the rookie said Michele Fitzgerald’s name. After Tacha lost to Berna, she blasted Tori for approaching her with that question if she wasn’t going to follow through.

After the episode aired, Tori said she never promised Tacha anything and simply told her she’d do her best but could not choose Michele. She said Corey L. was the one who asked her to keep Michele out but give him a strong female partner. Tori told “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast” listeners that she would be reaching out to Tacha and explaining that it wasn’t personal. Since the episode aired, other cast members have spoken about the situation.

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Emanuel Spoke About the Situation on Instagram & Told Tacha That Tori Never Made a Promise

Rookie Emanuel Neagu has so far been flying under many competitors’ radars on the show but he decided to speak up in defense of Tori on Instagram after the veteran received a lot of heat after the episode. In a video posted to his Instagram Story in which he tagged Tacha, Emanuel said, “If someone says, ‘I’ll try. I’ll see what I can do,’ why would you take it as a promise?”

He continued, “Why would you have expectations when that person literally said, ‘I’ll try’? Never said, ‘I promise I’ll do it.’” The video is saved here courtesy of the Challengeteaa Instagram page.

During an Instagram Live between Tacha and Berna, Tacha was asked by a fan for her thoughts on Emanuel’s video. Tacha replied, “I have no thoughts, I mean when we have a guy that is thinking through his d***, what thoughts can I have? He’s not thinking with his head.” The “Big Brother Nigeria” star added, “Emanuel is my G, like we vibed, we’re cool, like I also wanna believe we’re cool.”

Aneesa & Michele Discussed It on ‘MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast’

The topic of the elimination callout was also brought up on “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast,” which Tori hosts with Aneesa Ferreira. Aneesa commented on the situation, “It’d be better if [Tacha] had 3,000 followers and not 1.8 million.” She continued:

Listen, she’s loved over there. That’s great. She’s doing her thing. She sent me some cute little yoga sets and things. But it is a game, and I’ve lost my cool a million times. I mean, we all have. It just sucks when it’s targeted at your friend. You know it puts you in a weird spot.

Michele appeared on the podcast as that week’s guest and told the co-hosts that she wondered whether she should have volunteered to go into elimination instead of Berna. She said if she won the elimination she could have chosen a new partner and gotten out of her rookie-rookie pair. Tori joked, “You know what? That would’ve saved me getting yelled at, so I wish you would’ve done it.”

Michele said she was surprised that Tacha had such a strong reaction to what she felt was a betrayal from Tori because her original show was “Big Brother.” The reality star explained that she had likely experienced similar situations before. “It’s part of the game, so I was pretty surprised to see her response,” Michele said.

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

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