Contestant Opens Up After Elimination on ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’

The Challenge

MTV The Challenge: Double Agents cast

The first episode of the newest season of The Challenge has come and gone and it had viewers on the edge of their seats. From new twists to characters, to power moves and an intense elimination battle, Double Agents is shaping up to be an exciting 36th season of the beloved franchise.

Double Agents sees the return of many fan favorites, including Chris “CT” Tamburello, Wes Bergmann, Kam Williams and Ashley Mitchell. Fans were also introduced to new rookies, like Survivor winner Natalie Anderson, professional wrestler Lio Rush and Big Brother alum Amber Borzotra.

Episode one covered a lot of ground and after it was all said and done, a major player was eliminated in The Crater.

*Spoiler Alert: Heavy spoke with the player about their elimination battle. If you haven’t seen the episode and want to avoid spoilers, do not read any further. 

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Two-Time ‘Challenge’ Champ Ashley Mitchell Was the First Person Sent Home From ‘Double Agents’

Ashley Mitchell

MTVAshley Mitchell’s cast photo for “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

One of the most successful Challenge competitors ever was the first one out of Double Agents. Ashley Mitchell, who won Invasion of the Champions and Final Reckoning, paired up with CT and instantly had a massive target on her back. Ashley and CT was the only pairing in the house with two Challenge champions and were viewed as massive threats during the episode.

They were voted into elimination by the majority of the house and subsequently sent down to The Crater opposite Wes and Natalie. However, host TJ Lavin dropped a bombshell on the competitors, revealing that it was a female-only elimination.

Ashley took on Natalie in a physical elimination that had both competitors working their way along a pole while hanging under it, and in the end, Natalie was the victor, sending home the two-time champ.

Ashley ‘Cried a Little Inside’ After Finding Out She Couldn’t Compete With CT in The Crater

Chris "CT" Tamburello

MTVChris “CT” Tamburello’s cast photo for “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Ashley was fully expecting to compete with CT in the elimination, which was the main reason why she chose him as a partner. When TJ revealed that it was a female-only elimination, Ashely gave Heavy the initial thought that ran through her head:

“I thought, why the hell did I even pick him as a partner?” Ashley said. “I mean, obviously, it’s CT, he’s a Challenge legend. And as soon as he asked to be my partner, I mean, my heart dropped to my butt. But the main reason was that he is great at eliminations.”

Ashely admitted that she hasn’t performed her best in elimination rounds lately and “cried a little bit on the inside” when she knew she was going in alone against Natalie, who Ashley considered a major physical player.

Ashley Views Natalie As 1 of the Stronger Girls on Reality TV

Natalie Anderson

Natalie Anderson’s cast photo for “The Challenge: Double Agents.”

Ashley gave it her all in The Crater, however it wasn’t enough to get the victory. And although she went out early on Double Agents, Ashley is proud she went toe to toe with Natalie, who she views in high regard.

“Natalie from Survivor, she’s probably one of the strongest girls on reality TV in the United States ever,” Ashley said. “She just got second place on Survivor: Winners at War. To be honest, I didn’t beat myself up [over losing to Natalie]. At least I went home to the queen.”

Natalie has competed twice on Survivor, winning San Juan del Sur and placing second during Winners at War. She has also played The Amazing Race twice.

Although Ashley respects Natalie’s physical prowess, she still hates being defeated. “I hate losing, especially like that,” she continued. “It’s embarrassing. It sucks, there’s no other way to put it.”

Ashley Said That She’s Been ‘Getting Into Her Own Head’ Lately Because of the Hype Around Her

Ashley is a major threat on The Challenge to other competitors as she is a well-rounded player socially, strategically and physically. As mentioned, she is also a two-time champion and has won the second-most money in the show’s history, earning more than $1 million.

Ashley told Heavy that she has been getting into her head lately, which has been a factor in her recent exits.

Since winning Final Reckoning, Ashley has competed on four shows and been eliminated each time. She went out early on War of the Worlds, Total Madness and Double Agents, and she made it to the final of War of the World 2 but at the very end, was unable to make it into the top four of Team USA.

Ashley told Heavy that she feels being known as “Millionaire Mitchell” has created a lot of hype around her, which in turn has added another level of pressure to perform. She said that she used to be very good at eliminations, almost defeating Olympian Lolo Jones during Champs vs. Pros. However, she has been struggling lately to be consistent.

“I used to be really good at eliminations,” Ashley said. “I think I just have recently been getting in my own head, when you have all this hype behind you, like ‘Millionaire Mitchell.’ I’m not used to that, I still see myself as the underdog. And I think all of the pressure on me has really been making me break the past few seasons. Instead of fueling me, it’s kind of making me anxious and something I’m really going to work on for next season. I really got to get my confidence back because I’ve lost it a little bit.”

Ashley Has Goals to Cement Herself As the Most Succesful Female Contestant Ever

Double Agents is not the last time fans will see Ashley, the Challenger told Heavy. Ashley has the goal of becoming the most successful female competitor ever. She has already won more money than any woman ever, however there are cast members who have won more Challenges than her.

“There are girls that have won three times, even though they have not won as much money as me, and that’s one of my main goals,” Ashley said. “I definitely want to be the girl who’s won the most times, three times with the most money. I mean, four times would be great, but I am getting older. I definitely want to be the girl that has won the most.”

Evelyn Smith has won three seasons, The Inferno 3, The Island and Rivals. Veronica Portillo has also won three seasons, The Challenge 2000, The Gauntlet and The Inferno.

Ashley also wants her title back as the cast member who has won the most money on the show. Ashley held the title after her $1 million payday on Final Reckoning, however Johnny Bananas passed her last season after winning Total Madness.

“This already goes without saying, you already know I got to get that money title back from Johnny Bananas,” Ashley laughed. “I can’t just have Bananas running around here with the most money, that just doesn’t sit right with me.”

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