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Two seasons have passed since Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio has appeared on our screens, with the champ taking some time off from the show following his impressive seventh win on “Total Madness.” He’s since told Heavy that he wanted to take a step back from the show after that season and focus on other career goals but fans of the “Challenge” legend will be happy to hear that the chances of seeing him again on the show are good.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Bananas, who now hosts his own “Challenge” podcast called “Death, Taxes and Bananas,” revealed, “I’d say the chances of seeing me on a ‘Challenge’ in the near future [are good]. ‘All Stars’ would probably be a much more logical one to see me on.”

He also said he misses “The Challenge,” telling the outlet, “I miss it. I miss ‘The Challenge.’ I mean, I grew up [on it]. The last, decade and a half of my life, it something that I did once, twice a year. It was this routine that I was in and now that I haven’t done it in close to two years, it’s something that I miss and it’s something that I would probably really enjoy doing again.”

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Bananas Revealed That He Was Willing to Appear on ‘All Stars’ Season 1 But They Decided Not to Cast Him

Bananas said he’d be open to returning to “The Challenge” and specifically addressed the “All Stars” spinoff show, which was recently renewed for a second season, and said he had been interested in appearing on the first season. “Believe it or not, the first season of ‘All Stars,’ I was a yes.”

He said he wasn’t cast on the show and in his opinion it was because it was “too soon after my ‘Total Madness’ win, and I think that they are trying to maybe create a little bit of space between the flagship ‘Challenge’ and ‘All Stars.'” Bananas has so far appeared on 20 seasons of the show and said the only time he’d been off a season was because of the format. “I think the last time I wasn’t cast based on the format was ‘Battle of Seasons’ [in 2012]. So that was a while ago!”

An executive producer of “All Stars” and “The Challenge” legend Mark Long echoed Bananas’ opinion about casting in his own interview with Us Weekly several months ago. He said “There’s a place and time for those guys to come on the show, but you know, they’re so recent… I wanted to give people the true OGs of people and ‘All Stars’ they haven’t seen in a while.”

Bananas Is Now Very Involved With ‘The Challenge’ Due to His New Podcast Analyzing Season 37

Before the 37th season of “The Challenge” premiered, Bananas announced he would be covering the show for his new podcast on The Ringer Reality TV Podcast channel on Spotify. Episodes of “Death, Taxes and Bananas” are released immediately after the show’s episode finishes airing and they feature special guests that help Bananas break down every major moment.

Kyle Christie, Wes Bergmann and Ashley Mitchell are just some of the special guests he’s had on so far, but Bananas revealed to Us Weekly that “Guests are somewhat hard to come by as well, because not only does it have to be someone that I actually think is going to be entertaining enough to do the podcast and someone that I want to sit there and talk to for an hour, but cast members.

He said many people have asked him why he hasn’t interviewed Leroy Garrett or Laurel Stucky and he said they’re not watching the show. “I get it,” he added. “When I’m not on the show, I’m not watching either.”

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