‘The Challenge’ Finalist Slams ‘Creepy A**’ Co-Star Who Called Her ‘Obsessed’

The Challenge: Vendettas cast

MTV The Challenge: Vendettas cast

Things have been known to get heated on social media between Paulie Calafiore and Jemmye Carroll and on August 22, the two got even more serious with their verbal jabs and personal attacks, which culminated in Jemmye asking Paulie to block her on Twitter so she wouldn’t see his posts on her news feed as he called her “obsessed.”

The latest round of blows started after Paulie shared a series of text images on his Instagram Story regarding COVID-19 and other statistics, while asking his followers about the level of risk they’re willing to take. The reality star then told his followers that an important issue getting overlooked during the pandemic was “health, nutrition and exercise.”

The screenshots were picked up and shared on Twitter by fan accounts who criticized his approach and questions, and the “All Stars” finalist replied to one, writing, “I’m so disturbed by this. This is inappropriate and honestly quite alarming behavior.” Jemmye added, “And he tries to convince y’all that he never failed a psych evaluation…”

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Paulie’s Initial Comments & Jemmye’s Reaction Sparked an Argument Between the 2 That Ended when Jemmye Asked Paulie to Block Her

Paulie replied to Jemmye’s comment, writing, “What I find more disturbing is you taking this out of context and assuming I have no right to speak on it. As a survivor of sexual assault it’s sad you think this is a female only issue. Now you’re still pushing the failing a psych evaluation false narrative? Please do better.”

Jemmye eventually replied to Paulie, asking him to block her on Twitter. “I’m asking you nicely to please block me back. I don’t want your creepy a** on my Twitter. You truly make me uncomfortable so please just go away.”

Paulie later slammed Jemmye, writing, “It’s literally one obsessed cast member that loves to poke her hypocritical nose everywhere. She should focus on her relationship she’s been keeping a secret for the past year.” He then criticized Jemmye for saying nothing about “actual problematic men on the show” but continuing to come after him. “It’s honestly pathetic and has gotten old,” he wrote. “Keep that same energy.”

Jemmye later reacted to a string of tweets from Paulie and their co-star Zach Nichols, who responded to Paulie’s comments with a laughing emoji. Jemmye shared:

Both Paulie & Jemmye Spoke to Heavy in Recent Months About Each Other & Their Disputes

Paulie and Jemmye have made no secret of the animosity between the two and both have spoken to Heavy’s Stephen McCaugherty about their online feuds. In an interview for McCaugherty’s Stephen Unscripted, Jemmye said she would be surprised if Paulie came back to “The Challenge” because there are rumors that he “failed a psych test again. Rumors are rumors,” she continued, “who knows?”

Paulie also spoke with McCaughtery and said the rumors are false. He said Jemmye didn’t start it but other castmates did. “It’s a little sad that in the climate that we live in, you know, where mental health is such an issue… There’s a lot of people that struggle with mental health issues,” he said. “To jump to the psych evaluation thing, you know, it’s kind of a low blow. It’s kind of weak, in my opinion.”

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