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Producers of “The Challenge” have often tried to bring a few competitors from older seasons back for newer seasons alongside the newer crop of competitors, as fans saw with Darrell Taylor and Theresa Jones on “Double Agents” and Aneesa Ferreira’s return on “Total Madness.”

One competitor from older seasons just revealed that he was called for the last two seasons but didn’t make it on to the final cast. Thomas Buell, from “The Real World: Ex-Plosion,” recently told Mike Lewis on the “Mike Lewis Podcast” that he was called for “Double Agents” and “Spies, Lies and Allies.”

“I have had feelers out there for just the normal one,” he spilled. “Just whichever last two seasons that they did that were normal, and it didn’t go anywhere, obviously. It is what it is.” He said he got a text about “Double Agents” and told them “not this time,” and then got a call about “Spies, Lies and Allies.” That time around, he said he was interested in returning to compete but didn’t get another call.

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Thomas Also Revealed a Theme Producers Worked On That Never Ended Up Happening

Thomas Buell on if he'd return, Bloodlines, Cara,Explosion homecoming, more! EP #122Thomas Buell joins me today to talk about his recent engagement, getting recently called for the Challenge, the unaired Simone altercation from Exes 2, what really went down with his girlfriend upon leaving Rivals 3, The Cara/Abe saga and more! #MTV #THECHALLENGEMTV 0:00- Intro 2:00- Engagment 4:35- Getting called for the recent Challenges 8:00- Current…2022-02-26T00:51:27Z

During the same podcast appearance, Thomas also revealed a potential theme that producers had been working on that never materialized. He said it was tentatively titled “The Challenge: Homewrecker” and would have been a mix of “Challenge” stars and new competitors as a way to bring on “fresh meat” in the post-“Real World” era.

“They were thinking about making a Challenge season, speculatively called ‘Homewrecker,’ and they were gonna have me and my girlfriend at that time, El, on there together, and they were gonna bring like Cara and Abe, and they were gonna have different partners,” he spilled.

“They were gonna have some new people, and obviously other people that have been on it, and people that have dated and cheated on other people,” he added. Thomas described the show’s concept as “super interesting” and would have likely seen his girlfriend at the time paired up with Cara Maria because Thomas had cheated with her.

According to the former reality star, Cory Wharton was also rumored to be among the potential cast for that season. Cory appeared alongside Thomas on “The Real World: Ex-Plosion,” as did a couple of other cast members who would go on to find success on “The Challenge,” namely Jenna Compono and Ashley Mitchell.

Thomas Appeared on 3 ‘Challenge’ Seasons But Is Most Remembered for a Dramatic Kiss With Cara Maria Sorbello

While Thomas’s time on “The Challenge” was short-lived, he is often remembered for a major storyline on “Battle of the Bloodlines.” That season, Cara Maria Sorbello and Thomas Buell hooked up despite the two still being in relationships. While both claimed they only shared a few kisses, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio argued that there was more that went down, IB Times reported.

To add to the drama, Cara Maria’s boyfriend at the time, Abram Boise, was brought on to the season during episode 4 with his brother Mike as replacements.

That season was Thomas’ second of three seasons on “The Challenge,” after first appearing on “Battle of the Exes II” with his ex Hailey Chivers. However, the two were eliminated in the second episode. On his third and final season, “Rivals III,” he was paired with Simone Kelly but left the game after a few episodes for a personal emergency.

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