TJ Lavin Gave One Competitor Major Advice on ‘The Challenge: USA’

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The 5th episode of “The Challenge: USA” saw Tyson Apostol and Cashay Proudfoot make an impressive comeback during the swimming challenge and come from behind to win the entire contest. Tyson, who attended university on a swimming scholarship, pulled Cashay through the water the entire challenge as she lay on her back kicking her legs.

After the episode aired, Cash appeared on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast and spoke with co-hosts Devyn Simone and Da’Vonne Rogers, where she opened up about her and Tyson’s impressive victory in the swimming challenge and her issues with swimming.

Devyn asked Cash if she would take swimming lessons before going back on “The Challenge” in the future if she was to return. “I took swimming lessons before this one,” she laughed. She then added that a “surprising” person helped her swim better once on the show.

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Cash Said TJ Lavin Gave Her Some Important Advice That Helped Her Improve Her Swimming

After revealing that she did take swimming lessons before this “Challenge” appearance, Cashay added, “And I also learned how to swim more. Someone unexpected helped me, they told me something that made swimming click for me. Can I tell you? Should I tell you?”

Cashay went on to share that it was host TJ Lavin who helped her, telling the co-hosts, “One challenge, TJ’s like ‘Cash, do this.’ And I was literally like, it just made so much sense. Cause I didn’t understand what my arms were supposed to be doing. So he was like, ‘you need to scoop and pull.’ I was like, ‘scoop and pull’? It was the craziest experience of my life because it just made sense.”

The three women went on to say that they loved TJ and those “little moments.” Devyn said he has “such a good heart” and added, “that means he really liked you if he was giving you little tips.”

Cash & Tyson’s Win in the Challenge Was Impressive & They Followed It Up With a Big Move

The 5th episode of “The Challenge: USA” featured not only Cash and Tyson’s impressive come-from-behind win but also perhaps the biggest move made in the spinoff to date as they blindsided and threw into elimination Sarah Lacina and Leo Temory. Unfortunately for the week’s winners, Sarah and Leo won the elimination and are now returning to the house with revenge at the front of their minds.

During the challenge, viewers saw Cash and Tyson have to take a penalty and swim back to their barrels after Cash accidentally opened a barrel that wasn’t theirs. Despite that, they managed to pass most of the other teams during the swim. Once on land, they powered through their puzzle and completed it before anyone else, ensuring their victory and safety for the week. The win also gave Cash enough money to run TJ’s final.

Later in the episode, the winning pair deliberated about who to throw in and it became clear that Tyson was struggling to trust his fellow “Survivor: Winners at War” stars Sarah and Ben Driebergen. However, as Cash explained on the podcast, she told Tyson she didn’t want to pick Ben because he was paired up with her fellow “Love Islander” Justine Ndiba. Cash also made it clear in the episode that she wanted to send Leo home as she didn’t want to be paired up with him for a future challenge.

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