Tori Deal Leaves Note for The Challenge Co-Star: ‘Suck My D***’

Tori Deal

MTV Tori Deal

The fifth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents saw a veteran contestant lose an elimination and leave the game after a shocking blindside. Tori Deal, who appeared to have rubbed some of the rookies and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley the wrong way, was sent into elimination by Big T and her partner Chris “CT” Tamburello to face Aneesa Ferreira. Longtime Challenge competitor Aneesa managed to edge out Tori and send her packing but Tori apparently left a parting note to some of her co-stars.

One of the storylines this season has been the friendship between the two women who are now also the co-hosts of MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast. On this week’s episode of the podcast, the two broke down the episode and revealed that Tori wrote “suck my d***” on a note that she intended Big T to receive, although it ultimately made its way to Theresa Jones.

Tori told her co-host that she found a note addressed to herself and Aneesa just after the elimination, and it was signed “T.” She said she thought it was from Big T, who had just voted her in, so she wrote “suck my d***” in reply and left the note. However, Aneesa told Tori that the note was actually from their friend in the house Theresa who cried when she saw the reply.

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Tori & Aneesa Discussed the Note on ‘MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast’ & Said It Was Meant for Big T, Not Theresa

On MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, co-hosts Aneesa and Tori discussed the incident. Aneesa said after she won, she returned to the house and Theresa brought a note to her attention. Aneesa said Theresa told her, “I wrote either you or Tori a note depending on who came back but it’s crazy cause at the end of it, Tori wrote ‘suck my d***.'”

Aneesa said Theresa began crying because she’d also received a kind letter from Tori so didn’t understand why Tori had also written those words to her. Tori explained to Aneesa, “I saw that note and it’s signed ‘T’; I did not think it was from Theresa, I thought that note was from Big T because Big T knew that she was gonna put me against you. So when I said ‘suck my d***’ that note was for Big T that was not for Theresa.”

However, despite clarifying that she did not mean to write that for Big T, Tori explained that Theresa’s “guilty conscience” meant she thought it was for her. Tori said Theresa shouldn’t have written her or Aneesa notes because she didn’t fight to keep them out of elimination and shouldn’t have even known the two were going against each other. She said it proved that Theresa knew what was happening and didn’t give them a heads up despite telling them they were her allies.

Tori Was Eliminated by Aneesa in Her 5th Season of the Show After She Was Voted in By Big T & CT

Tori’s downfall appeared to begin in previous episodes of the season when smaller contestants, primarily rookies, took issue with some of the language used by the Are You the One? alum. Tori was seen speaking to some of her allies about these contestants’ size and called them “weak,” which offended Big T, Amber Martinez and Gabby Allen. After Big T won the daily challenge with CT, they managed to get the house to vote in Aneesa and nominated Tori to go against her.

In the podcast, Tori addressed her comments about weakness and the negative reaction they got from other contestants. She said, “Weak shouldn’t have been the word. I should have used ‘inexperienced’ because nobody likes to be called weak, it’s super demeaning so I really do apologize to anybody that I offended when I said that. But what I was really trying to say is ‘inexperienced rookie.'”

Double Agents was Tori’s fifth season of the show and her fifth attempt to get her first Challenge win after making two finals, once on her rookie season and once on War of the Worlds 2. Her early exit on this season followed a similar early exit on Total Madness, when she was sent home by Jenna Compono in the seventh episode. The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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