‘The Challenge: USA’ Star Says Beating OGs Would Be ‘Cake Walk’

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Tyson Apostol is a force to be reckoned with on “The Challenge: USA” and he recently had a message for OG stars of the hit MTV show.

The “Survivor” champ tweeted on July 22, “To those comparing me to those on the ‘OG’ challenge… A lot of them can bench press more than me but 70-80 even 90% of the game I have them crushed. Talking cake walk.”

Tyson added more to back up his claim in subsequent responses to fans, with several bringing up CT Tamburello’s strengths, along with Jordan Wiseley and Johnny Bananas Devenanzio’s versatility in finals. “Literally a pro endurance athlete before I retired from competition and pursued easier less intense contests… Like this!” Tyson explained. The reality star had a swimming scholarship in university and then competed as a professional cyclist.

Tyson told his doubters to “Pay attention” and later added, “I think I have MORE endurance than anyone who’s ever played the game.” In response to some people saying he likely wasn’t familiar enough with the “Challenge” to make that claim, Tyson replied, “I think it’s you who’s unfamiliar with me.”

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Tyson’s Comment Also Got Responses From Other ‘Challenge’ Stars

“The Challenge” godfather himself Mark Long replied to Tyson with a simple tweet telling him, “Hold my beer.” Tyson answered, “I’ll hold it for you!” Tyson’s co-star on “The Challenge: USA” and fellow “Survivor” alum Danny McCray replied to him, “I love the confidence! And you are 6’3! Don’t leave that out man!”

Jay Mitchell, who competed in “Battle of the Exes II” with Jenna Compono but quit the final after failing to complete the third checkpoint, a drinking challenge, also chimed in. “Bro you kidding with this,” he tweeted. “I haven’t been on in 8 years n I’d make you my puppy.”

Jay was roasted by fans for his comments and Danny also chimed in, telling him, “I remember you… that’s a no dog,” with a crying laughing emoji.

Tyson Has Won 2 Challenges So Far This Season & Is Only 1 of 2 Guys Eligible to Run TJ Lavin’s Final

Tyson has had a strong start to “The Challenge: USA” and after four episodes, he’s one of only 3 competitors who has won two challenges. The “Survivor” champ won the first two challenges of the season, first with Angela Rummans and then with Justine Ndiba. Tyson and Justine’s win in the second challenge of the season was his most dominant performance yet as blew the competition out of the water when they created nine words, comfortably coming away with the win.

Because of Tyson’s two wins, he’s also in second place for the most money in his bank account with $11,000, after Kyland Young who has $12,000 thanks to his elimination win. Since players need to have at least $5,000 to qualify for TJ Lavin’s final, Tyson is one of only 5 competitors eligible to compete in the final at this point.

“The Challenge: USA” airs on CBS on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times. 

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