Tamra Judge Feuds With Former RHOC Star on Social Media

Tamra Judge

Getty Tamra Judge in 2018

Even though both Tamra Judge and Lydia McLaughlin are no longer on The Real Housewives of Orange County, it seems as if they’re still stirring the pot from afar.

In a September 5 interview with Bravo, McLaughlin dished on her thoughts about both Judge and Vicki Gunvalson leaving the franchise. “I felt like it was a long time coming, honestly,” McLaughlin said to Bravo. “I think it’s a good switch-up. I’m excited to see what the cast does.”

While McLaughlin spoke highly of Gunvalson and her admiration for her, she couldn’t say the same about Judge. “I do know that Tamra … she’s not letting it go,” McLaughlin told Bravo. “She’s still talking about it. I just feel bad for her, it’s kind of, like, ‘OK, you need to move on and do something else.’ She’s talking about the next season, and I think it’s a little … it sounds pathetic.”

Judge Fired Back on Instagram

According to Us Weekly, after the interview, Judge posted a now-deleted picture of the quote where McLaughlin called her “pathetic” to her Instagram page. In a screengrab of the post posted by the Instagram account @commentsbybravo, you can see that Judge had some not-so-nice things to say about McLaughlin. In the caption, Judge began by writing, “Don’t feel sorry for me sweet Christian girl I’m doing just fine.”

Judge continued in the caption, “After 12 years on Bravo of course I get asked to do interviews, podcasts, radio shows almost daily. Clearly they asked me about my time on housewives, whats next for me and my family and my businesses, Sorry that bothers you. What’s truly pathetic is your judgment & lies! It’s funny, the people that know you the least always have the most to say. If anyone else needs to move on its you! Here’s your 15 mins of fame…enjoy! Btw Vicki don’t love you.”

Judge Is Also Currently Feuding With Shannon Beador

It looks like McLaughlin isn’t the only person that Judge is feuding with right now. In recent months, Judge has also been feuding with one of her best friends (or should we say ex) on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador. During an August 2020 episode of  Jeff Lewis Live, Judge said that she hadn’t spoken to Beador since February.

“There was no big fight that happened between us,” Judge said on the radio episode, as noted by Page Six. “I was going through a really, really hard time in my life. I’m not a needy person and I’m not one of those that needs my friends like all the time like she needed me and you know, we’re all different like that. And I really needed her.”

Judge explained on the radio show that Beador would barely answer her phone calls, and only called her back whenever she needed something. “I just feel betrayed,” Judge said on “Jeff Lewis Live”, as noted by Page Six. “I feel like I was always there for her and I had no problem being there for her and she wasn’t an easy person to deal with when she was going through the divorce. I talked to her multiple times a day and then as soon as she knew Vicki and I weren’t coming back, we just, the calls just kind of dwindled and then finally it was no phone call at all. So it’s just hard because I really needed her and if I would have done that to her when she was going through the divorce and all that, she would have lost it.”

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